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What do your Chi's eat, except dog food?

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I'm just curious, what do your dogs really like to eat except for regular dog food?

Thanks :wave:
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SunnyFLMum said:
I guess I am paranoid...Gizmo only eats his kibble, biscuits that I divide up for the day (he gets a piece when he goes "outside") oh and his greenie every 2-3 days, he gets to have about half...other than that he doesn't eat people food except for chicken that he got to eat

I just don't want him begging for food, he tries too though but after an attempt he realizes he isn't getting anything and either goes to sleep or chews on his nylabone.
You're not paranoid. Stick to your guns whatever others might say. Frasier gets no human food ever. My mom thinks this is so mean. It's not about begging. It's about health. Most vets will tell you absolutely no human food. I've spent two nights sitting in a vet clinic crying and praying over a pup that had pancreatitis attacks from eating human food. After that, I actually listened when my vet explained why human food was bad and vowed to never give it to another dog.

There's another advantage to this. When your dog is 14 or so and becomes listless, has some aging disease or another, and stops eating. Then you pull out the boiled chicken or other human foods they've never had and you've opened up a whole new world to them. It's still not healthy, but at that point making them happy and giving them reasons to want to keep living is all that matters.
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