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My friend was talking to me about his toddler the other day and Mylo does some of the same things. So, it got me thinking... What do your fur babies do that your real babies do?

My friend said that his son knows what to do to get his own way, like asking for a kiss when he's trying to get something. When Mylo wants something and we're not giving him it he'll go through the things he knows gets him stuff. He'll wait quietly, if that doesn't work he sits, if that doesn't work he lies down, if that doesn't work he starts the cycle again. I wonder what it'll look like when he learns some tricks!

He also said that his son picks up a toy and brings it to him when he wants to play. Mylo does this and those of you who saw my pic know that he'll being them over one by one to tell us he wants to play! Most of the time he just picks up a bone or a toy and sits in our laps.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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