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porshas_momma said:
geeze calm down ladies here in oklahoma folks call the chis that stay under 6 pounds t-cups. didnt relize it was a forbiden word on the forum.
there is a topic on here called the smallest chi, read it. i was just wondering what the big deal was I doubt the people who have the pup are sickos though.
and i would imagine if a person can afford 3,500.00 they can afford the vet bill and would take care of the dog.
I have read 100s of topics here and posted many over the last few months and it just seems like there is so much negative posting.

weird in oklahoma the runts sell for higher price and are tipically the first dogs chosen everyone wants the tiny ones. things really vary from state to state.

It doesn't vary state to state. Do people think the chihuahua standard varies from state to state? Wow, what ignorance....
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