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With the recent threads on breeding, we all know it can be a volatile topic. Actually, this board is pretty mild compared to others I have seen that discuss breeding. We all think our dogs are beautiful, don't we? So why shouldn't we breed them?

What does it mean to be a responsible breeder? Only breeding dogs that meet the standard? Health testing? Willingness to place pups with a spay/neuter contract? Taking a puppy/dog back for any reason for the life of the dog? Knowing the genetics of dilute colors and merle's? Always BAER testing merle's? Breeding merle's at all?

Here's some links to ponder ....

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How to find a responsible breeder?

Finding a Responsible Breeder

There are many many more links and resources out there. There is NO excuse to breed poor quality pets that have never been health tested and that do not adequately represent our breed. With generations of these pets being bred, our Chihuahua's are going to end up 10 pounds or more with long muzzles and crippled by patella luxation. Is that the direction we want our breed to go?

We need STEWARDS of our breed to be the ones breeding. People who CARE about preserving the standard (blueprint) for what our chihuahua's should look like. Someone who has the money to invest in top quality lines. (And yes, this does mean getting their breeding stock out in the show ring. No excuses.) Someone that does health testing on their breeding stock. (And not just a vet check that says the dog is healthy.) Health tests for Chi's should include patella's OFA, eye CERF, and cardiac clearance by a specialist. Someone who places their pet quality puppies on spay and neuter contracts. Someone who is NOT in it for the money.

Backyard breeders HURT our breed. Period. They are DESTROYING the integrity of our chi's with their greed and ignorance. It's time to step up people and ONLY buy from responsible breeders. (Or rescue.) Let the puppy mills go out of business. Let's support the ethical moral people who breed out of integrity, not to make a quick buck off their dogs.

On a personal note, I think it's time to quit patting the puppy millers on the back and saying "good job" and "cute puppies". Let's stand up for what is RIGHT. Let's protect this breed we say we love. It's time to step up.
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