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Well, we certainly have had our share of irresponsible breeding examples here as of late so I appreciate seeing good examples of breeding being shared.

I think people really confuse "could" with "should". 2 of my girls came with full AKC registration. That meant that I could show or breed them. COULD. Not SHOULD. Would I? Nope. One is too small and the other has a bad underbite not making her breed standard.
Got one spayed and the other will be next Friday. Not just because we will be responsible and not breed them but becasue I would never want anyone else to should they ever get lost or stolen.
I am protecting them-and the integrity of the breed-versus doing what I think that I deserve or have a right to do. Or because I am immature and careless and think it would be fun or cute.

I will share that thought with others here who wish to breed for sport whether I am called vulgar names by them or not. I have passed up more posts than I comment related to this subject. I refuse to gush "puppies!!" or "congrats!!" in a post to or about a careless, greedy or irresponsible breeder.
Excellent point, Karen! :notworthy:

I don't have the papers for my girls but that doesn't matter. I know that I know absolutley nothing about breeding Chis (or anything else). As you said, just b/c I could do it, doesn't mean I should. I wouldn't want to endanger the lives of my girls -- to me it's a very risky business when a Chi is pregant. I'd NEVER take a chance with my girls' lives. They were spayed the minute they were old enough to be (Bizkit too).
It's not much difference than myself in my mind. Just b/c I could have had more children doesn't mean I should have--for whatever reason. No, I'm not comparing dogs to children so don't get in an uproar.
Have a great weekend!
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