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What is your Chi's best trick?

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I'm seriously thinking about trying to go beyond the sit, stay, lie down stuff. I'm trying so hard to teach them to "come" on command, but if they are into something else and they don't want to do it, they just look at me like I have four heads. :( Any help or suggestions with this one will be greatly appreciated. :)

Anyway, I'm curious to see just how smart these little ones can be, and what they are capable of.

What is the smartest thing or the best trick your dog can do?
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Chili has a medium-sized (but growing) repertoire of tricks, but so far, my favorite is "Konichiwa" where he bows. He also does our version of "Play Dead" that we call "Dead Puppy" and when we say "Put "em Up" he stands on his hind legs with his paws on our fists like we are fighting. We are also still looking for cute/funny tricks.
My ex-boss had taught his dobermix some funny ones -- she growls when you say "Osama Bin Laden", she rolls on her side and moans when you say "Do you have a belly-ache" or just "belly ache".
We considered teaching chili the tricks like in Toy Story, where the dog stands on his hind legs when they say "Stick them up" and plays dead when they say "Bang" but went with our versions, lol.
Hope this helps!
haha i'm still working with mine. her best trick is "sit" although she is finally catching on to "down". one of my other dogs is so cute... she can shake, roll over, and play dead. we taught my old beagle to "speak" and it was cute, but it got annoying because then he would just speak whenever he wanted something. :roll:
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