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What is your Chi's full name?

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What is your puppy's registered or full name? Also, what is his or her call name? I love hearing all the cute names.

We don't have Paris here yet, and I can't come up with her *full* name until she gets here. I need to see her personality, etc. before deciding. :D
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Rowdy's Full Name:

Wilden Rowdy

Get it? Say it out loud. HAHA
Countess Chiwi

she thinks it's "hey stop biting"
Zeus Poco

Poco was my husbands childhood Chi who lived to the ripe age of 16 and we felt it would honor Poco by naming Zeus after him.
Harley Bryson, is Harley's full name. I guess you could kind of say that Bryson is his middle name. :) His registered name is "Harley Ruff Rider". I sometimes call him Harley Bryson, usually when he is being a spitfire. :lol:
here are mine-
teddy bears pride @ bornoz

he is my only registered at mo hoping for these to be my little girls names-

lady vuitton @ bornoz
manolo magic @bornoz

i also have 3 pet dogs who i just gave pet show names to for my own fun ha -
little tyke thomas mathers 3
perfect patch
rageing rio (coz she is like a bull in a china shop)
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Britney R***

when i call her, i call her Britney. She also gets called Winnie and Minnie by my mom and brother.
Echo is : KJs Once in a life time

Foxy: KJs Viewers choice

Sissy: KJs China Doll

Rasta: KJs Cause for applause

Sterling: KJs Make em stand and cheer

Scooby: KJs Scooby Snack
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Her name is Cha-Cha La Roo.
I need to try and find Vala to change the "La Rue" to "La Roo..." in my Sigi. Can anyone here help me with that? :wave:
Lil Cha Cha said:
Her name is Cha-Cha La Roo.
I need to try and find Vala to change the "La Rue" to "La Roo..." in my Sigi. Can anyone here help me with that? :wave:
:wink: I'll see what I can do...I thought it was "rue"..sorry :oops: was a long time ago, should've said something sooner. :wink:

:D Stinky Li: I call him Tiki
:D Smelly Li: but he thinks is "HEY! drop that!"
Reg. name : Bechards Liberty Belle
family name : Isabella Rosselini....Bella
Full Name: Princess Thumbelina (cause at the end of the movie Thumbelina is a Princess cause she married the prince of the I'm a freak lol)

Call Name: Lina. Gaige (2 yrs) calls her Beana though when he calls her and Dawn (3 yrs) calls her Weena.
I guess I am just plain...
Gadget's name is "Gadget"....
Gadget is like most gorgeous models......only one name necessary.....the looks say it all LOL
Lily is just Lily but most often called Miss Poo Poo Head (cuz I just like saying it). :lol:
We also call Cha-Cha "Rattle Head" because when she shakes her head in the morning while waking up, her ears flap and it makes a rattle noise :lol: or we go with "Propeller head." I also call her, "Luv Bug," "Sweetie Pie," Cocoa Bean," "Bug-a-Boo."

But his nicknames are

Yoda Boda
Sweet pea
Lola's : Lady Lola Kisses :D and Tiki: Tiki Tikitimann--we were going to go with 'Tiki Tequila on a Hot Summer Afternoon',but I was trying to stay away from the liquor :wink: We also call Lola 'Skinny Minnie'and Tiki 'Chickendog', 'Scaredy cat' and 'Handsome Guy'--some people call him 'Tikibelle' :evil: But I can't stand that :evil: The EVIL 'STEP-MOM"calls them 'Jaws1' and 'Jaws2' :evil:
Ozzy is just Ozzy lol and lily is lily- boo but we just call her lily :D
Very cute names :D
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