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Jeez my pooches are gonna send my grey :rolleyes:

Peppy (my dog) has always been possesive of me if I am holding him and Toby (mums dog) approaches, or Peppy is on my bed and Toby wants up.

Usually Peppy just growls and snaps a bit but Im able to distract him and calm him down and everything is fine.......tonight things got really bad.
Peppy was on my bed and Toby came over to say hello and Peppy went nuts....Snarling, growling lunging snapping.....nothing I could do would calm him down. Toby was starting to get angry too and I was trying my hardest to get Toby to just back off and go away but Peppy was just going ape, I have never seen him like it. Now Im worried they will get into a full fight and Peppy will get hurt cause he is considerable smaller then Toby.

Ive really never dealt with this problem before and I honestly do not know what to do so advice is much appreciated please!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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