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Being in the middle...

I know it was hard for her to give up her Chi, but it is also hard for you to deal with her attitude. But it is also hard for the Chi - not knowing where to belong.

My daughter's dog Wally is a Schnauzer mix, 20#. She lives in the same apartment complex that I do. Wally comes and goes from both apartment with no apparent problem (I've been in his life from the beginning.) However, My Chi Dobbie can't totally understand why Wally is there sometimes, and not at others. Also, when Lee comes to take Wally home, Dobbie doesn't understand why he can't go along.

The really funny things is this: My daughter worked for the Houston SPCA when Dobbie was relinquished by his former owner. She called me and told me there was this great little dog there and I should come see him after he was put up for adoption. In the meantime (for about a week of observation), she talked to him and gave him some attention. When I adopted Dobbie, it was a work day for her so she was there. Her dog Wally was at my apartment so she had to come by after work and pick up Wally. Dobbie immediately went into the "happiness mode", jumping around, wanting her to play with her, etc. To this day, over 14 months later, he still goes bonkers when she comes over. Does he think he belongs to her? Is he showing his gratitude? Does he remember that she "rescued" him? It just makes me wonder.
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