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What to feed my new Chi

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Hi all! I'm new here and I read on a couple of posts about what to feed Chihuahua pups. My little Dixie was treated for hypoglycemia (the poor thing! the vet said that she had a low chance of survival! but she's okay now!! yay!) a few days ago and they told me to get food with good nutritonal value. I went down to petsmart and the guy told me to get Nutro for my baby. Is that a good choice or should I get Science Diet or Eukanuba? She's still on the food my vet told me to feed her temporarily. But I did get Nutra-cal gel just in case.. Please help! Thanks!! :lol:
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Shes a doll, welcome! I usually feed pups pedigree pups, but im not one to say, hopefully someone will help!
I feed my dogs Butchers wet and pedigree dry - if she is suffering with hypos I would feed her 3 - 4 times a day small meals with a good quality food and always leave a bowl of kibble down for her to snack on :wave:
Welcome..........she is adorable. I am not knowledgeable enough about puppy dietary needs to be of any help to you but we have some breeders and vet techs on this site who will steer you in the right direction.
If she is a picky eater a vet would tell you to feed her anything she will eat! Right now the most important thing is getting her if you find a puppy food she likes, stick to it!

I would suggest Royal Canine Mini Puppy. My dogs are on the chihuahua forumla (adult formula) and the LOVE IT! I have heard good things about the Mini puppy formula and it tasting very good...good for picky eaters.

Try soft Might Dog...its not the best to feed for a long time but its high in sugar and it is what was reccommended to me when my moms papillon went into hypoglycemic can then start mixing it with dry and slowly take it out of the food.

Best of luck and please update us!
Thanks so much everyone! I fed her some of the Science Diet wet food and she seems to have taken a liking to it! She's doing well ever since her emergency vet visit! She's more feisty than ever! But thanks again for the feedback!!!! I appreciate it!
Welcome! What a sweet lil girl!! :D I'm glad she's doing okay!
so glad your baby is pups love the eukanbuba small bite for puppies, the would not eat wellness which i bought first that someone suggested to me
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