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What type of food is best?

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I went to buy things for my baby tonight, but ended up leaving without food until I knew what would be best for her. I've heard that I should steer away from foods containing high amounts of corn and corn products because it will cause her to have more bowel movements than necessary.

I saw Iams Smart Puppy, PurinaOne Growth & Development, and Beneful Healthy Growth. I thought that all of these sounded like good ideas, but wanted to check here first. I know a lot of you use Royal Canin, but I'd never heard of it before and it isn't in any pet store around here. Please help!
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Do a search, many threads on this topic.

I would try and stay away from brands that you listed, they contain by products that are not good for our babys. I would try and find royal canin, wellness, or nutro somewhere. Petsmart should have it but i found mine at just a little pet store (not a chain store)... i think you can actually do a search of where to find wellness pet food... google wellness and u should find something...
I just found the Royal Canin puppy food on I was afraid that it would be too expensive, but only $6.99 for a 5 lb. bag. Not too bad! :)

There's only one pet store in my area and they don't carry it. No PetSmart or anything like that, either. Guess I'll just have to keep getting it online! Thanks for your help.
yep, we often have to buy zoey's food online at various stores.

we don't buy food that you can buy in a petstore (well, you can't buy it in MOST petstore but there are a few that carry some great dog foods). whichever food you feed should have some kind of meat (chicken, lamb, fish, whatever) listed as one of the 1st three ingredients. or more than one of the 1st three.
The kind I ordered from was Sensible Choice Puppy Food by Royal Canin. I hope that's a good one!
royal canin is a good food. i like it a lot better than grocery store brands but that's just my opinion. it all depends on which foods your dog does well on.

if you want a good site about dog nutrition, go here:

it has some info that i've found useful :wave:
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