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what type of shots?

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oh i just read on a posting that u shouldn't walk ur doggie till it gets it's shot..oops..i walked mine around the park...i ll be sure not to do that again. but i tried to get her shots and they said she was too young...what is a girl suppose to do..anyhow i'm getting her shots this saturday...but there's all these ads and so fourth...what kind of shots did u guys get for ur dog? someone get back to me oh yes i wanted to take mine to the grooming service and they're telling me it's so young..but her nails are wicked...she's using them to climb up steps and so fourth..oh goodness..and when she's hyper she claws i figure it was time...
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Your pup will be getting a full set of puppy vaccinations - wait until your vet tells you it's safe for your pup to be out and on the ground in public places. Also, your vet's office can clip your pup's nails for a lot cheaper than a groomer can. :D
:thumbup: *agrees with Coop's mom*

I took Josie for her shots the day after I picked her up from the breeder - she was a little over 8 weeks old at that time and the breeder had already started her out on her puppy shots when she was 6 weeks old, so I've continued on with that. They'll get a set of three of those, one every two weeks, and with the last one, a Rabies shot. Also, my vet clips Josie's nails when I take her (if she needs them) and doesn't charge since I'm already paying for the shots and a visit.

Make sure the vaccination does not have Lepto in it. Also make sure the vaccine is all modified live and doesn't have killed anything in it. A killed vaccine needs and adjuvant to make it work and adjuvant has been know to cause cancer (sarcoma) at the site of injection. I'd go with a 5 way vaccine.

Also, I do not think that the rabies shot should be given on the same day as other vaccines. I would wait to give it after her last puppy 5 way vaccine. It's just too much for the immune system to give it all at the same time.

And yes, I know a lot of vets do it. Doesn't make it right.

Also, I clip my own Chi's nails. They are easy to do if they have nails where you can see the quick like my Chi's but you can still get the sharp ends off yourself even if the nails are dark.
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