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Whats a name that ryhmes with bella?

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I'm getting a new puppy in may :D She has the same markings on her face as my other dog bella. So I want to name her something that ryhmes with bella. I was thinking cinderella or something. :lol: Any suggestions would be good. thanks

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Yeah cinderella and rella for short is cute or what about leyla - its similar and I love that name :wave:
How about Bekka? You could have Bella and Bekka.
SassyBlueBella said:
I suppose Cruella is out? :lol:

Ariella, Nala?

I actually thought of that! I was thinking cruella deville and call her cruella for short. :lol:

I like annabella too. We'll see, I wont make my final decision until i see her in person. :D




(jus ones that havent been mentioned)
I think cinderella is cute, but maybe the dogs will get confused when they sound so much alike? I'm not sure, but I luv both of your dogs :D they are super cute!
Yes I heard that before to, you call one and the other comes running lol! xxxxxxx
stella ???

but i agree, it's not a great idea to name them alike....

kisses nat
I have to agree on NOT naming them names that sound alike! I KNOW!! :D :D :D :D

My husbands name is Brian
My oldest son (15) is Ryan
My youngest son (12) is Dylan

When they don't answer it gives them an easy out- I thought you were calling for (fill in the blank)!! There will aways be a slight doubt in your mind.

ok, well i was thinking maybe calling her, mini bella, but then just calling her mini for short. Mini is cute right?
defenatly would suit a chi for sure! The ozbournes dog *queen of the house* is called MINI, so i think its perfect! xxx
well now i feel bad. My cat's name is Gracie Lou and my chi's name is Lacy May. Should I change Lacy's name to something else because I haven't gotten her yet? She doesn't know her name so I guess changing it would be fine.
bella and stella is a great combo....rubella? salmonella? just kidding!
salmonella? :shock: lol

A few people have said stella, But I dont really like that name. It reminds me of an old lady. :lol: (sorry if that offends anyone)
1 - 20 of 28 Posts
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