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what's the most naughty thing your chi did?

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mina get's into the garbage in the bathroom and steels paper rolls then chews and spits all over the room she is hiding in

she is only a baby im sure there will be lots more to come
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Speaking of toilet rool. I just turned round to find zola with a whole roll. He was chewing on it and when I told him off and tok it away he was whinning at me. Little devil
He is a "paper shredder" we have to keep it up or its in little pieces all over the place. And his newest thing when he is mad or not getting enough attention is it to take the stuffing out of a pillow on the couch. :roll:
chiwi is the perfect chi. never gets into trouble. no mischief here...


i just had a dream that chiwi was a good puppy!


lets see, the naughty things chiwi does, she steals pens when you are trying to use them. she climbed the baby gate at the top of the stairs and my mom found her teetering at the top of it :shock: (i've put plastic against it now so she can't get her paws in to climb it anymore) and she has peed on my bed twice and kylie's bed once.
oh your so funny,those silly babys
Buster has pooped on my bed and my daughters bed :x and if you turn over EVERY ONE of my couch cushions, you'll see that Mr. Peepers has torn them all up. :x :x
Well this is more embarrasing than naughty but sometimes coco likes to find my underwear and drag it into the living room for everyone to see and he also likes taking make up,im begininig to thnk he might need help...
Marcus loves my bras and underwear. :roll: I caught him throwing my thong in the air and then ran down the hall with it. I can't leave them anywhere cause he will get them :shock:
When Cocoa first came home, he loved to find the clean laundry, and roll all around in it, so My clothes were getting double washed until I got smart to only do laundry when he slept. He also had a thing for my used IV dressings for my central line, but he learned that anything medical clean or not is not his toy. He also thought my feeding tubes were for Cocoa's playing pleasure. I had one feeding removed about 7 weeks ago, and he still scratches at the old stoma , but my gtube, "his friend" passed on to tube heaven. My doc asked if he should save this tube for him, but Cocoa doesn't need tube toys. lol

Jennie cocoasmama
Yep, Buster has also done the underwear thing! We actually came home one time with a friend and all walked in the same time. There was a torn up pair of my panties in the middle of the floor! :oops:
Both my dogs love to play with them stinker socks.Pearl snicking up to her sister's food bowl when we weren't looking.And putting anything they find on the floor even a tiny tooth pick.Steping on their poo poo as young pups.
1.chewing on underwear
2.chewing on bras
3.chewing on socks
4.chewing on paper(paper towels,toilet paper,napkins):angel12:
5.chewing on sister homework (dog REALLY did eat my homework! I got kick outta that one! ):angel12:
6.chewing on cardbord, colored pencils,pens,glue sticks,lotion bottels
7.knocking over cups just to see what is in them
(jemini IS famous for doing this!!!):angel12:
8.digging up the carpet under the door (to get to me when i'm in the shower ohhh i wasn't a happy camper that day!):angel12:
9.chewing on the comptuer plug (i was more scared then mad)
10.played tug of war with a jacket of my sisters friends (60$ goone!):angel12:
11.played tug of work and kocked over the fax/coper/scaner

but other than they ANGELS! :lol: :D :angel12:
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I have been thinking about this topic since this morning and I can't think of a single thing that Cooper has done that's naughty. I really can't! Either I had electro-shock therapy and my memory was erased or I had a bad head injury.

Wait... He DOES air-condition my underwear if I leave them on the floor. That's it. Otherwise, he's too scared that OmaKitty will tattle on him to do anything really naughty. :lol:
Oh gosh!! What doesn't Hershey do that is naughty!!

Loves to pull the stuffing out from under the carpet.

Instagate a fight with my son. That is just funny to watch. I think she believes he tourtures me so she get him back for me.

She loves to run around the house with my bras. And chews them. Then I take them back. Then she gets them out again.

She loves to chew my boys crayons.

And when we first got her she use to poop under my bed. Mind you that it is a bed that weighs a ton and only Herhsey could get under there. VERY hard to clean.

There is so much more but I am drawing a blank.
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i guess all our chi's have a underwear and bra thing going on i've learned to pre check the house beofre letting visitors in or pre worn them. b/c kari i'v had that happen LOADS of times. lol plus we live in a apt and when the guys come in tho fix things and jem or moka comes runn'n from another room with someone underwear or bras :oops: . i just feel like jumping from the highest building :oops: lol! :wave:
Lily doesn't do anything that I'd consider naughty. I swear, she doesn't. I guess Cooper's mom and I have the only perfect chi's around. :lol:

I need to ask... where on earth do you guys keep your underwear that your dogs can get to it???? Mine goes from the laundry basket to my drawer (with a brief stop on the bed while I do the folding). Lily would need a step ladder to reach my undies. :shock:
mine love to tear up pillows ...and the most naughty thing was when

they went to the toilet at night , go to the cat's litter box and decide to take a poo poo in bed with them and begin to eat it next to my head :shock: needless to say ,i woke of because of the smell ...YUK

kisses nat
Rachael Polachek said:
I need to ask... where on earth do you guys keep your underwear that your dogs can get to it???? Mine goes from the laundry basket to my drawer (with a brief stop on the bed while I do the folding). Lily would need a step ladder to reach my undies. :shock:
WELL.... Jamoka and Jemini work as a team! :D
Jamoka will jump on the bed or knock over the Laundry basket and get what he wants . takes them out to the lovely Jemini who say's " GREAT brother you got them now lets rip them up !" that's when they start play'n tug of war. also when i little sister takes off her clothes she just puts them on the floor. (she's 5 but acts like she can't put her clothes away :x ) and that's when jemini grabs them. lol soo rachel thats how my tag team does it :wave:
I've got a mental image of Jamoka and Jemini on each other's shoulders, creating a canine-chain up to the underwear. :lol:

To answer Rachael's question... Cooper doesn't want CLEAN undies. He wants the ones you kick off your body before you take a shower - you know, the ones you forget to put in the hamper. I had to buy a laundry hamper to keep Cooper from chewing up my britches. I'm actually wearing a pair of air-conditioned ones right now! :D
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