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When can I bathe Bella?

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My Bella Boo will be 5 months old on December 10th. When can I bathe her? I have had her for about a month now and I've been using puppy wipes on her, but they are only temporary. How old does she have to be for me to bathe her and where can I find instructions?

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I am pretty sure you can bathe her at any age. In warmer weather my boys would get smelly more often so I would bathe them more often. Now since it's cold I haven't really bathed them, they aren't smelly :) . As for instructions, I just make sure I don't get it in their eyes, that's important. You can use puppy shampoos, I use Johnsons baby shampoo.
I bathed Sera very earlier because we had an acciedent with white out :oops: and i've bathed her once since then and she is only 11 weeks (wow, shes growing so fast!) I used puppy shampoo on her, with nice warm water and took a big soft towel to dry her. Doesnt take long for them to dry (short coats) i was surprised.
You can also BRUSH BRUSH BRUSH them in between baths. They say that it is the human skin cells that make then smell......not too sure about that but I noticed when Kemo is a stinkin, I get to brushin and he doesnt smell so much!
I really think you can bathe Bella Boo now. I always brush Auggie before I bathe him and I also use baby shampoo. He gets a bath about once a month. :D
bath away - make sure too take pics first bath is so cute :wave:
Kurrazie said:
I bathed Sera very earlier because we had an acciedent with white out :oops:

Yeah, I agree with everyone that it is fine to bathe her now. I'd suggest getting you and someone else to do it the first time, because if your chi is anything like mine she may try to jump out of the sink. :lol: Just be careful of the eyes. :p
I have read in the book "the guide to owning a chihuahua" that you should bathe a puppy often, i think often also means early (ofcourse not too early), but im not sure...
I agree with every body else. You can for sure bathe her!!
Please, like Clare said....take some pictures!! Really want to see those! :)
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