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When do the long-coat's coats stand up?

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I know it can take years for the coat to come in fully, but does the hair stand up earlier?

Frasier has really long hair on his back, but it's typically flat against him. The last two days though occasionally it stands up, but not because he's growling or barking (you know how they swell up when in attack mode) it just seems to be happening. The hair stands up for a minute or two and it's just absolutely gorgeous, takes my breath away.

If you have a long coat how old was he when his hair began to stand up?
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Each of our boys coats are different but they are all long coats. Beamer has really fine shiny hair thats long but doesn't stand up at all. Fritzy's hair is very full and coarse and looks like a pom-pom after he's been bathed. Kosmo's hair is full and thick but it is ultra soft. The youngest is 6 months and he's starting to get little tufts of hair along his back and neckline that are standing up. I really think it depends on the texture of the hair whether they will have a full plume of hair or not. I've attached some pics for you to see the growth in their coats. Beamer and Fritzy turned 1 Dec 23/04.

10-12 weeks...

6 Months...

1+ Year...

10-12 weeks...

1+ Year...
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Thanks for answering and the pics. No one was talking so I thought maybe my question didn't make sense.

I think we're at the same stage as your 6 month old picture. I see a huge difference in the 6 month and 1 year pics. It's fun to watch them grow and change.

I think Frasier has learned to "swell up" and make his hair go out because he loves the reaction he gets from us. :D
lol I have 2 long coats and they are both 1 and a half - it can take up to 3 years for their full coat to come in - mine are quite silky and smooth along the back and long around the ears and tail heres a few pics :

ozzy :

Lily :

there the same age but ozzy is alot more hairy than lily and they were in the same litter so it just shows it really does vary from dog to dog
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a long coats coat isnt fully matured untill they are 3rs old. so youve got time yet.
youll also find that the fur usually lies flat against the back and gets long in the pants (legs) ears, tail and the ruff (shoulders/chest)

i love his colouring though the merle pattern is gorgeous if i have the oportunity id love a loncoated blue/silver merle. i also like the tricolours and reds/redfawns...but fraiser is gorgeous
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