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When is it safe to spay?

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We just got back from the vets (just shots and check-up), and Pearl weighed just under 3 pounds at 5 months of age. I wanted to spay her in June because we are taking her on vacation in July, and thought we'd better spay and chip her first. The vet thinks she will gain another pound by the time she is a year old, but he thinks it is ok to go ahead and spay her next month. Am I being overly cautious to want to wait?
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so long as your vet is comfortable spaying her at that weight, shell be old enough so i shouldnt see there being a problem. and im sure your vet will take the extra precautions while shes under :) its always scary when any dog goes under the knife, especially the tinier of our babies we all get worried.
I agree, we waited until Bella was 8 mons, and at that time she was only 2.7 lbs (she's a teensy one).

I had a long talk with my vet, I know that once they have their first heat the chances of cancer go up dramatically, she was comfortable with doing it (though she told me later she had never done an animal quite that small) and I have every confidence in her. Bella also retained all her puppy teeth, top and bottom so she did that as well.

Whichever you decide I hope your baby does as well as Bella did, and have a wonderful vacation.

We're taking bella camping for the first time next weekend
So the pup has to be spayed before the first season? What age do they have the first season? :? And what age is recommended for spaying? Thx :)
Definately recommend to spay before first heat cylce if possible to reduce the risk of cancer by the greatest percent possible. Most first heat cycles occur between 6-9 months, so preferably spay at 6 months if your vet thinks it's okay, if not, get a second opinion unless there is a physiological reason like inverted vulva.
Thank you for the replies! I will go ahead and have it done next month. In spite of my worries I can see it will be better in the long run.
My Bella weighed 3 1/2 lbs when she was spayed and she did not have any problems. We have a great vet and trusted him completely.
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