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when to bring puppy home?

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hi :wave:

when i first started posting here lots of people said that 10weeks is a good age to bring a puppy home. did anyone bring a puppy home at 8 weeks? there is a possibility that coco might come home this weekend. ( not sure yet) still discussing the issue with my hubby. also does anyone have any advice or preference about wire crates and plastic taxi's? is one better than the other?
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Hi - I brought Jasmine home at 8 wks., which is fairly standard for chis. Some breeders like to keep them till 10 wks. but I think the main consideration is the health of the puppy and its size. I have heard and read that the really tiny pups should stay with the mom until at least 10 weeks.

I prefer the wire crate for inside the house, but that is just my personal preference. Then I also have a smaller soft sided carrier that I bought primarily to use on the plane. I also use the soft carrier for vet trips. It has a firm floor to it, with soft padding on top and mesh sides for ventilation. Good luck with your puppy-I know you are anxious to bring her home!
Pups should stay with Mom until 10 - 12 weeks if possible the later been the best this is due to their small sizes and to help with socialisation as in those few weeks they learn many things from mom and litter mates - that been said and done I brought Ozzy home at 8 weeks and Lily stayed with her mom until 6 months - she is a much sweeter and kinder dog Ozzy hates strangers and barks and growls constantly at them - If poss try to push for 10 weeks.

as for crates I have never crated my dogs so am not sure :wave:
Tucker has a pet taxi with the door removed in the livingroom so that he can have a place to sleep, etc. when I'm busy. He also has a pet taxi with the door removed inside a play yard that my husband built. This is in our spare bedroom and is where Tucker sleeps at night. I carry him in my arms whenever we go to the vet's office, and he rides in my lap in the car on the rare ocassion that he gets to go somewhere with me. (I know that this is not the safest thing to do. :oops: ) Anyway there is a fleece doggy bed in each of his pet taxis and some small flannel and fleece baby blankets, as well, for him to snuggle in. :)
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