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Where do you all make your signatures??

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Seen some fantastic pics in your "signatures" but where do you all make them??? mine is pretty boring helppppppppp???? :) x
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Didn't I just answer this question? :D

I don't know where everyone else makes theirs, but I use As you can tell, I prefer a more toned-down sig, but everyone's different, and I don't know what everyone else uses.
I was using Scrapblog, but they have closed :(
So, I will also be curious to see what other people are using...
Photobucket is fun and free. It's just a bit tough to find a good enough picture, since the siggy must be small, 500 by 100 max. Mine's kind of not so great right now,lol. I'm hoping after a few posts the allowed size will go up. We shall see :) I like a big and bling siggy! Haha!

ps: your pup's very cute! ;)
I use picnik or scrapblog.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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