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WHERE Do You Buy Your ZiwiPeak and How Much Do You Pay......

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Hi ladies,

Thought this thread would be helpful for everyone who is looking to feed ZiwiPeak but struggles to find a good source and decent price online (or in a Bricks & Mortar store that sells it).

Can you please list your source by adding the B&M store or online shop link.

I've noticed that at least a couple of members a day have been talking about starting to feed ZiwiPeak, I sure hope the manufacturer is keeping an eye on supply levels and that you guys don't run out completely as Australia did for a while - such is this product's popularity and the demand for it, grrrr.

I'll start, if we do it like this it'll be easiest for all to see their respective countries I think:

AUSTRALIA: Pets Unleashed Brisbane - both B&M and Online Sales - Pet Shop Store Online, Pet Store Brisbane & Pet Supplies Store | your online pet shop Shipping to anywhere in Brissy is only $1 regardless of amount/weight.
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I get mine from Tisol pet supplies. I pay 32$ the back lasts me a month and a bit. Bailey is 5 pounds
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