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Where do they go?

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Where do your chis go when you go on holiday?

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Im just wondered where your chis go when you go away....My mum wants to come to Hong Kong with me but she can't not far on the babies!
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Hey zoe hun,
I have a mate of mine thats agreed to look after mine but I trust her so much, close as family. other then that, family!
Are you not going to the meetup now? :cry:
Ours always come with us, we dont go abroad but go to Ireland and UK, we dont have a car though.
If mine can't go, I don't go.
Im not sure so so so complicated but id love to go....I think I need to go on the maybe list lol sorry if im mucking you all about but i will need more time lol!!! Thats good you have someone to trust. As you can imagine with 8 animals its quite costly if I go away!!
A maybe is alot better then a no Zoe, thanks hun! :) :wave:
Ms_P said:
If mine can't go, I don't go.
................Snap! :D
stefanie_farrell said:
A maybe is alot better then a no Zoe, thanks hun! :) :wave:
Oh stef you should have been in my house that night lol. The arguing between me and my mum lol but she said no but that was coz she was stressed out and so was I so yes its def a maybe hunni!
I haven't taken a vacation since I've had Lily (no money since I've had Lily :lol: ) but I would not go away without her. It wouldn't be much of a vacation without my best friend now, would it? :)
I've been on vacation a few times since I got Cooper ... and a LOT of times since I got OmaKitty. The only place they've ever stayed is my parents' house. Cooper will get to go with me this year on vacation to Canada for 2-3 weeks though - Oma will be staying with Grandma and Grandpa. She likes it there and my mother enjoys having a kitty around the house.

I don't know if I would feel comfortable letting either of them stay in a kennel; I think Cooper would get his feelings hurt but he'd be okay. But Oma... with all her problems, I'm sure she'd freak out completely and would most likely return to the way she was when I got her. She'll never stay anywhere but my parents' house or in her own home.
Fizzy stays with my parents ( fizzys nanny & grandad ;) :) )
( only while I go to Reading Festival ) otherwise he comes with us :)
Hi all...

I live in London UK and really would love a chi of my own but it's not an ideal time right now BUT ifanyone needs chi sitting, i would be more than happy and willing.

I am very caring and dog savvy - Genuine offer with NO strings attached.

Leena x
i had to put mine in a kennel after the person who booked the room told me it was oh k to have pets then when i got in there it's a big sign say'n NO PETS! so i had to find a kennel i was soo hurt it was only for one night but it felt like a life time ! :cry:
if i go on weekend away in this country they come with me but if i go abroad which is very very rare as i hate leaving my babies then they stay with mum p.s im nearly 21 and have only been abroad twice once for a day trip to germany and other for a week and half in cyprus see what i mean by very rare lol
lol Im the same Zoe my poor Mom cant come to vegas to watch me get married because she has too look after my babies which is far more important :lol: :D
mine come with not an option to kennel and noone could handle Kemo :(
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