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where new here

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hello every1 i just got my chi 3 weeks ago .hes 12 weeks and has totally taking over my house :wink: cant believe how fast u fall in love with them huh well hello again from me and anubis :wink:
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Welcome :wave: . I am sure you will love it here. And definitely post pics. We love to see pics. :D :D
WELCOME :wave: :wave:
Glad to have you here with us
Welcome :wave: Im new too and now I am addicted to this site. And I think I may have to get another chi. Maybe 3 would be a charm
Welcome to you and little Anubis!! :wave: :wave:
:wave: Howdy! Can't wait for pix. :D
:wave: Welcome to the board. Can't wait to see pics of your little one! :D
here he is isnt he a cutie .disregard the name
Hi and welcome :wave:
Welcome :wave: :cheers: What a cute fur baby - Can't wait to see more pics!!
1 - 19 of 19 Posts
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