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Where's Dior? .. Camo Coat

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Well you see, I put this spiffy camo coat on Dior that I just made.. and then she dissapeared! Darn that camouflage fabric! :D

Edit: This is my first attempt at making something for her.. my mom is the master seamstress.. so hopefully with some practice I can go crazy! :)
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If I could see her I'm sure I'd say she was lovely. :lol: That camo coat rocks though! :wave:
What dog? I don't see a dog there. Just a porch & railings. Did I miss something? :shock:
You did a great job on his camo coat. How much does your chi weigh?

Jennie cocoasmama
Cute Cute I was barely able to see a tongue on a nose in 1st pic :lol: :lol: :lol:
Dior is a great model, she has such long legs! The coat is adorable too!
huh? :scratch: what is everyone looking at?
I dont see anything, werent u gonna post a pic? :smilebox:
Lovely porch! Too bad I can't see the pooch! :D

I squinted real hard to see if I could see her if she blended in with the trees and I think I see her! What a cutie!!

P.S. Great job on the coat! :wink:
Diiooorr?!! Where are you?!!

She's just gorgeous! Love her new coat! Looks great for a first attempt at sewing!
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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