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Reuben's had a busy month."Hi Everybody!!! And a big 'woof-out' to my Chi brothers and sistas! October started out with my healing from my "Bark-Mitzvah" now I'm a tad lighter 'downtown', but, make no mistake ladies...I'm all man...I ate three pair of Mommy's shoes...oddly, she didn't seem to mind and said something about a shopping trip for more...which I thought was very nice because they were delicious! Mommy bought chewies for me, which I REALLY liked...but they crunched and scared me and I barked at them. Daddy and I play tug of war and he gets scared because I growl really mean like at him and he giggles...which I have come to understand is a sign of terrible fear in my humans. I took my FIRST walk on a leash on the sidewalk down the street and liked it VERY much! I met a bull dog named Layla and picked up some leaves that mommy made me put down...
Mommy says that my tail grew! It got fatter and Mommy likes it and kisses it...
Mommy also bought me a new sweater and a new shirt...

Today I tried to be invisable...but I don't think it worked...I'm a Rock Star!!!
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