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which one for ruby?

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ok so i want to buy ruby a top she has a pink kinda parke /duffle coat and i thought its time she had a t shirt so here are some choices what do you all think-
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Definately the pink one its adorable :D
I like them both :lol: but the second one really fits a chi at least mine anyway since I carry them up & down the stairs.
I love the pink one - pink is one of my favorite colors, plus I really like what it says on it. The black one is cute, but I've seen quite a few similar. I haven't seen one like the pink though, so it's different. I always like to be different. :lol:
She is definitely a pink kinda girl. :lol:
PINK PINK PINK! A girl can never have enough pink in her wardrobe! :D
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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