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Mr. Big has been whining a lot lately (I'm not sure if whining is what you call it in English, but it's peep-peep all the time).

He eats and drinks his water, plays and runs around but still there's a lot of whining. Is this normal for a 12 week old pup?

We're going to the vet tomorrow just to make sure everything is ok but if any of you have any advice I'd really appreciate it.

I also wonder when they learn how to bark. Mr. Big can't bark (yet) but when he learns; if he barks as much as he whines (sorry if that's the wrong word) I think I'll go mad!

Thanx for reading!
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yeah he is probably just whinniong for attention try not to reward this behavior, Ozzy never barked until he was about 5 or 6 months old and now he never stops lol :wave:

Hmm, my girl Scooter whines when she's tired and she has trouble finding a comfortable position to sleep in. She also whines when she wants to be picked up to sleep in my lap. It's ok to indulge this once in a while, but make sure to make them work for anything you do for them. For Scooter, I make her sit or fetch or roll over whenever I feed her or pick her up or give her treats. No freebies!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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