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Who looks after your babies when you go on holiday?

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What do you all do with your Chi's when you go on holiday? I cant bear the thought of putting my babies into kennels when I go away in July? I guess most people ask their families to have them but that is not an option for me, they either dont live anywhere near or work full time!

I have enquired about dog sitting services but they only come into your home to visit for a max 1 hour once or twice a day and that is no good
I have had a notice in my local village newsagents and pet store to try to find someone who is at home all day who would have them for me but no responses. They will only be 12 weeks old when I have to go away for 5 days in July

There must be other people who have this problem, what do you do? Is there anyone based in the Midlands (UK) who has the same problem and we could maybe help each other out during holidays? I dont mind travelling further.

Someone may know of a dog minder that looks after them in her own home? I would be really grateful for any thoughts or suggestions.
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I rarely leave home during the holidays.

Although, the two times I've gone to Texas, Britney has gone with my family and I..I'd cry the whole time if I had to leave her. I remember one time some family from texas came to California and they've got $$$$ (money) and invited everyone to the Monterey area and Pebble Beach. Beforehand, britney hadn't been feeling very well so I stayed home...but my mom also stayed home (I didn't ask her to) cause she said if I didn't go, she wouldn't go.
I hope you find someone you can trust.
I haven't gone anywhere yet, but I have sitters lined up in this order brother, or mom, or Ash's parents, or Ash's best friend. They couldn't all be doing at the same time :lol: . But do you have any friends that your Chi is familiar with that is willing to help you out?
I've gone to los angeles (which is about 4 hours away) 3 times since i've had chico. i've brought him with me all 3 times. my mother in law comes to my apartment 3 or 4 times a day when we're gone to check on my cats and make sure they have food and water. she's driving around meeting clients all day anyways, so its no inconvienence for her. i hope you find a sitter you trust...good luck! :)
we don't go on holidays a lot and when we do , i can leave my babies with my mommy :D she loves a visit from the 3 musketeers

kisses nat
Me and my boyfriend are going camping soon and where taking Melys with us. I hope you find a sitter soon. Any friends who could help you? :)
If they cant come we dont go! I cant leave Kemo with anyone, if I had two Bindi's then no problem but what can u do! :?
We also don't go anywhere if the dogs can't go with us......being older, we had done a lot of traveling before getting Bella ...thank goodness LOL. Hopefully you will find a dog sitter who can spend some time with your little one before you leave for holiday.....try asking around at a seniors complex......sometimes a retired person will take on a sitting job.
I am with a majority here. I take my babies with me and if I MUST leave them they stay with my Mom which is once in a blue moon and we travel alot.

You are all very lucky to have your Mums and family to help out, also to be able to take dogs on internal flights in USA. We can't do that here in England. Unfortunately, we had this 5 day family trip to Paris booked before I had my puppies.
All future holidays will be in the UK where they can come with us!!
Forgive me for not remembering what your situation is (I'm lucky I remember what I had for lunch today :lol: ) but how about the breeder? Since your pups will only be 12 weeks old, they must not have been away from the breeder for very long. At least it would be a place that's familiar to them and I assume the breeder would welcome a chance to see them again. Is that a possibility for you?

I haven't spent one single night away from Lily since I got her, almost 3 years ago. Heck, after doggy daycare and extensive vet bills, there isn't much left over for vacations. Lily is my vacation. :)
I would say it depends on the doggie's age. My Chauncey is too little so we decided to cancel our plans until he's a little older. My mother-in-law used to leave her Chi at a great place in a rural area outside of Chicago, now her chi stays with us when they vacation,I'm hoping they'll return the fave. I know in big cities they have fancy doggie "inns", some of them are actually very nicely run.
Hi ya

i was going to ask the same thing!
im off to ibiza 1st holiday with out tyke :(
all my family work and have BIG dogs that dont get on with my little one..
i also dont want my tyke in a kennel for the week!!!
ive been having a look around in local papers..and have found lots of people who look after dogs in there own homes..all have refs..etc..
in brighton we have a firday-ad thats where i have found a lovely lady who looks after small dogs..all above board :) and she is also close to my family, so if there is any probs my family will be near :)
good luck with your search..
luv star x
KB mamma said:
If they cant come we dont go! I cant leave Kemo with anyone, if I had two Bindi's then no problem but what can u do! :?

I wont go either :wink: If the babies cant go I dont go, after all they are my kids :wink:
Hi Charlotte,
You could also enquire at your local groomers, as they often offer a pet hotel service. Also call or visit your local vet, as they may have adverts for registered pet hotels and pet sitting services in peoples homes. Good luck, its a worry knowing who to trust, but hope you find somebody reliable :)
Hi there...

Whereabouts do yiou live? I live in London, if you are near me, i might be able to help you.

L xxx

edited to add that i just noticed you said you are in the Midlands... :?
I dont have any advice. We are taking Yoda to Texas with us in Sept. I cant bare to be without him. :D
I too am very lucky , when we go away ( and can't take my boy EG Rock Festivals ) My parents move into my place and stay with my lad ...
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