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who remembers my little viper ? may his soul RIP

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i'm finally able to look at his pics again ....(i have hundreds :D ) what a cutie he was ....i wish i still had him , he would be a great friend to my other babies ...................

RIP my little angel ...i love you always !!

(darn it got me crying ) :wink:

kisses nat
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don't mind the leopard ,i'm obsessed :lol: , ........
I was so upset when he passed. He was so cute and is still loved and remembered very much! What an angel, hes like one of the cutest chis ever! :wave:
Viper was such a a beautiful little angel...I know you miss him dearly.
i don't remember him, i don't think i was on the forum yet, but he seems like such an angel RIP little guy
awwwww I never saw viper he was sooo cute:) hey I'm sure him and Nemo are looking down on all of us right now and smilling their little chi grins :D
Viper looks like he was such a sweetheart. I bet his tail is wagging up in doggie heaven as we all swoon over his pictures! :D
(((((hugs))))) aw nat thank you so so much for posting those pictures. i wasn't on the forum yet so i didn't "know" him. i wish i did though, he seemed like such a vibrant lil boy. i'm sure he's there with you and the others though...
awwww nat i never see viper before but he sure was a lil cutie
He was so cute! I wasn't here obviously when you had him...I hope I'm not being too forward, but may I ask what happened?

Puppy pics are priceless...I wish I would have taken more of Gizzie in his tiny baby stage :wink:
I rememebr Viper... He was the cutest little boy... I am happy that you can look at his pictures... It is good memories for you....

I know you miss him.. but he is there at the rainbow bridge watching over you and your 3 furbabies....
ofcourse you may ask :wink:

viper began to have seizures after 2 weeks with me, they were very serious!! he cramped completely ,foaming mouth and really out of it !! at first i thought it was low sugar , but he was eating fine :?

one night he had a really hard seizure , even his poo and pee came out , i rushed him to the hospital where he had another fit ....

i had to leave them there, they were taking a ct-scan from his head to rule out hydracephalus.

the next day i phoned in to hear about the results and they told me ,he didn't wake up after the aenesthesia :cry:

i just lost it ,i cried and i cried .......

did they drugged him too much ??? they said they didn't see anything on the scan .

ofcourse i got a huge Vet bill (and i really mean huge),but i didn't got my viper back :cry:

So i had to get an autopsy report for the breeder......wich declared that he had an infection on the brain ....but when i wanted this on paper for my refund ,there was no evidence i guess i'll never know....they are only guessing.

i was so upset ,because he was so sweet, lovely, active ,he didn't seem sick or anything , he was potty pad trained after 2 weeks ...........he was my first chi-love................pffff :cry:

kisses nat
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I am soooooo sorry for your loss, Natalie... Viper was a cutie pie! He just looked like he was full of personality :) I am sure you miss him dearly... but look at the chis that you have now :)
{{{{hugs}}} for you, Nat. First of all, thank you for posting those pics so all of us can see your beautiful boy. And thank you for sharing his story with us. I know how hard that can be but I think, in the end, it can be very therapeutic for you. It's like, the more times you tell his story the easier it gets. But I doubt you will ever be able to look at his pictures without crying or wanting to cry. When there are unresolved questions - like with my Gracie - you never stop asking "Why?" or "What if?" But the pain does lessen with time, as you have learned.

I'd like to leave you with one thought... if Viper had lived a long and healthy life there would not be 3 precious chi's in your life right now. And if my Gracie had lived a long and healthy life there surely would not be a Lily in my life. I remind myself of that all the time and it does help ease the pain.

I know I'll see Gracie again someday and I hope you believe you'll see your baby boy again. :)
I am relatively new to the board, so I never met Viper. I'm very sorry for your loss. :cry: Thank you for sharing his pictures, they are adorable.
Oh Nat....I didn't know...


You are so strong...I don't knwo what I would have done...I am so sorry you lost him....he was absolutely gorgeous...a true angel..thank you for sharing your story....I know it had to be so hard...

Hey...he is your guardian angel...he led you to your 3 babies :D

RIP little Viper :angel11:
:( I'm so sorry for your loss! I sometimes wonder what I would do whithout my three little ones...I can't even bare to think about it! It is amazing how easy it is to get so attached so very quickly! He sure was a cutie......but, you have three precious little "Angels" to help with your loss. :)
I remember that angel. He is waiting for you and his sisters/brother at Rainbow Bridge :cry:
Thanks for posting those again :)
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