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Who said Dogs and Cats

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Cant be friends? This is my big brother Hercules coming home. Out of all the cats he will actually tolerates me or even gets down and dirty and will play with me. Its nice having someone my size to play with me.

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That's really neat. Right now Bonnie is somewhat scared of my Siamese, Jazz, and Jazz likes it that way! Jazz 'smacked' Bonnie the first time Bonnie went up to her! (no claws, just the insult!)
Daisy was that way with James (he passes away) so I think Hercules has adopted her since James was his brother and he misses him. But he'll sometimes let Daisy give him kisses. Nanners will tolerate Daisy. Cuddles will give Daisy attention when she, Cuddles wants too. Stormy can not stand her and will swat at her (shes declawed when I adopted her.) But Stormy I call my old cranky lady because she really doesn't like anyone anymore but me and hubby and even than tolerates how shes petted or even toughest shes like 13 or 14 now.
What a sweet pair. :) Adorable!
We have been lucky because all of our cats and dogs have always been best friends :)
Here's my Deuce with his younger sister
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And our GSD with Marley....tooooo cute
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Anna, those pics are sooooo sweet! Just love them. :)
Those are just too cute. I would love to have a cat- we have fostered kittens a few times and our dogs seem to like them. I just miss having a kitty around.
Awwws that's so sweet! I swear cats are polar opposites of dog but I lived so long without one that when my allergies were able to handle on I got Stormy. I'm just happy daisy gets along or is tolerated by them.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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