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Who's favourite?

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Maybe someone can clear this up for me...

This is a silly query but I would be interested to hear your opnions!
I read that Chi's usually get very attached to one person in particular, yet Poppy seems to love all of the family equally.She runs and greets my husband and kids with great enthusiasm, as she does me too.
But I secretly want her to love me the most, she is MY dog!
I feed her, play with her and do all the yucky stuff you think its because she has only been with us for two weeks? I must sound silly.I am delighted that she is so sociable with all of us...when did your Chi get attached to one particular person?
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I think they will be attached to the person that plays with them and takes care of them the most.
Sandy is very friendly to everyone and is always excited to see anyone!
Koke will hang back and check out people for a few minutes before she will go to them to get petted. Unless it's someone she knows.
Sandy is attached to me and Koke is attached to Sandy LOL.
I would much rather have my dogs be friendly with everyone than barking at people all the time and trying to bite them when the people try to pet them.
:D Not at all silly. When I got Stinky I was worried he liked my bf better...5 months later I can honestly say he's MY dog.. :D don't tell my bf that...Stinky is very friendly to everybody tho..which is good...but the way you might be able to know if Poppy favors you more least that's how i when she follows you around...ALL THE TIME..Stinky wants to be with me 24/7..sure he plays with my bf and stuff..but he sleeps with me, sits by me..asks me for stuff..and obeys me more..I think is just a matter of spending time together and taking care of her the most.. :D
ozzy and lily love me and adam both equally (well thats what I tell him - really they love me the best :D )
It's not a silly question at all!

Bosco loves me best and has ever since we brought him home. He loves Karl a lot but it is obvious that he loves me more. We just got Lola about a week and a half ago and I still don't know who she loves more - she seems to love everyone she has ever met equally! I'd love for her to stay that way but I'm sure she will eventually pick a favorite.
I think Auggie loves me and my husband equally. He is also friendly to everyone. But he really wants to play more with my hubby but snuggle with me :D
Thanks for not laughing at me guys!!! :)
Sally Mae is definitely a mama's girl! She will let other people hold her and she is social, but when someone else has her and she hears my voice she starts getting antsy and cries for me.
Kemo is mine and he is insanely jealous of anyone trying to get on his "turf" (me of course). He does like the rest of the family too though.
Although my fiance is the one who bought P-Nut for US (actually me, because he knew how desperate I wanted a dog) it seems as if P-Nut loves me and favors me more... she follows me around, sleeps on me, and when I give my fiance attention tries to get between us :) She loves him too though, but with me it is a little different.

I think that they have a favorite but when they are around the same people often they love them as well :)
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