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Who's your captain ?

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Hope she knows her navigational maps !
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Now that is a cute picture!! She makes quite a fetching "captain" :wink:

whos your captain

What a great pic :wave:
I'd certainly feel better knowing Bella was on the job. Plus, if you happened to fall overboard she'd be able to jump in and rescue you, being the great swimmer that she is. :D
man I love the serenity there...........peacefulness and a chi, a perfect combo!
looks like bella has everything under control :D , she's so lovely

kisses nat
great pic lol :lol:
Lake is so beautiful........and bella is too!

how cute!!! Love it!!

I don't even care if she reads the maps wrong, a day on the lake with Bella at the helm would be perfect.
Bella likes the pontoon boat as she has lot's of room to walk around and lay down...but she hates our smaller boats ! Also she has to wear her life jacket on the small boats but I don't make her wear it it on the pontoon as it closed in.
She looks so little up there! :lol: She is such a cutie in every picture! :wink:
What a great photo!! Best looking Captain I've ever seen. :D
1 - 19 of 19 Posts
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