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Why are some Chis called BLUE?

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I know is gonna sound like I know nothing :oops: but why are some Chis BLUE? :dontknow:
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Thier color is a smokey gray color that literally looks blue
Oh Vala you had to ask...
here is a pic of the blue puppy I am getting
Yup sometimes they look more blue and sometimes they look more silver. The colouring is actualy caused by a diluting gene. so as i understand it, the silver or blue colour is caused by a black gene crossed with a diluting gene. I think the diluting gene also causes chocolate colouring in chihuahuaus and a colour called "lavendar" which is a chi that seems to have coat colouring thats somewhere between chocolate and blue. :scratch:
mia what is a diluting gene?

My next chi I get (probably not for 5 years) I want to be a blue or lavender sounds pretty too. :) lol. I am worried though because I have heard that blue chis have "bad/unhealthy genes" is this true?
my little girl has the blue gene......her pic is in my you can see she is not blue (silver/lavender) in colour, she is white, with a fawny golden highlights (just like her dad)

blue is not just the colour of the coat, in a gene they carry. but people often charge more for a dog with the blue gene because its rare. and they pass it along to their pups!

health-wise, i think their coats are just tinner than normal.
what is a diluted gene though? I have heard that if you mix a black/tan with a white or fawn you get a blue.?

I want to breed tinkerbell, and keep one of her babies :) but i want to have a blue one. lol. her mom was a black/tan color and the dad was a cream/fawny color like Tinkerbell is. ??
Can someone help me?
I love :love7: blue Chi's. I think the color is so pretty. MS. P I'am so jealous I want a blue chi. Post more pictures as soon as you can. What is his/her name going to be
PrattFamily said:
what is a diluted gene though? I have heard that if you mix a black/tan with a white or fawn you get a blue.?
Can someone help me?
The only definate way you can get a blue puppy, is to cross a blue (whom has at least 1 generation of blues in his recent pedigree) with a blue (whom also has at least 1 generation of blues in her recent pedigree) then you will almost be gaurenteed some blue pups...... same rules apply for other solid colors

Genetics in chihuahuas are so wild, you never know exactly what color/combo pups you'll wind up with till they are born. For example, here are some breeding examples from my gang and from studding my tan/white male (Gus)

Gus X White (not mine) = 2 pure white pups

Gus X (Tinkerbell): Black/White (1st litter) = 1 black/white, 1 black/tan, 1 brown
Gus X (Tinkerbell): Black/White (2nd litter) = 1 sandy-red/white, 1 light sable/white

Gus X (Zoey): White/Black/Reddish brown (1st litter) = 1 dark tan/white
Gus X (Zoey): White/Black/Reddish brown (2nd litter) = 1 black/white, 1 white w/black dots, 1 black/reddish brown/white

Gus X Taco bell looking dog (not mine) = 1 black, 1 tan/white

So... you never know 100%
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When we got Zeus at 9 weeks, he was all blue. Now at 9 months, he's still blue with some brindle on his back. I'm so happy that his eyes stayed hazel.
I emailed a breeder from austraila after reading her site about genetics. . . Tinkerbell is a "diluted gene" because she is cream which is a diluted tan? her mom was black/tan and the dad was cream like her.
So she said if i breed her with a black dog i might get a blue one. But, i did some research and the breeder also told me about that color dilution aplogia or something like that. Where they start to loose their hair, and their skin starts to be scaly and sometimes the hair dosen't grow back. So I am now scared to breed her for a blue pup, because sometimes you don't see this condition till they are like 2-3 yrs old. :(
So I might breed her with a all white dog, or a chocolate or something?
I dunno... After reading about breeding dogs, some of it scared me, like things that can happen to the puppies and the mom. :( Its really scary. I really want to breed Chihuahuas but I think I will wait till I am more finacially stable and have a house of my own before I start breeding any doggies. . . I think I will get Tinkerbell fixed and buy a female and a male in like 5 years or so and try to breed them then. ??? lol.
I felt guilty after reading some of the sites. . . they make people feel like if their dogs aren't perfect then they shouldn't be bred. ??? sorta made me mad. anyways i sorta went of topic here sorry.
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:grommit: I never thought of chi's being blue. Thats interesting. My Sophe is silver in color, ash like color. I get complements all the time about how pretty her color is. I would like to share her pic here as soon as I figure out how.... :love5:
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