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Why Chihuahuas? Why not!

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Someone asked me today why I chose a chihuahua over any other breed of dog. I thought it would be an interesting topic (or not), so I thought I'd ask.

What is it about the Chihuahua breed in general that made you choose a chi for your pet? Are there any special qualities the breed has that made you choose your dog over another breed?

I'll start it off... I only had Chihuahuas in my house until I was 21 years old. After I moved out of my parents' house, I got 2 large dogs (a Rott and a Dobie), which I loved dearly but found that simple things like travel, $$ spent on food and supplies and the space they took up in my home made them a poor match for me and my lifestyle.

When I got Cooper, I decided on the Chihuahua breed after doing a lot of research on other small breed dogs. I didn't want a long haired dog and I didn't want an overly hyper dog, so I went back to my roots and got a Chi.

Things I love about Chihuahuas: they're portable (or "port-o-pooches" as my Dad calls them), they're intelligent and they all seem to have more personality per square inch than any other breed of dog.
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I wish I could say some thought and research went into my decision but Lily was a pity adoption (please don't tell her). I was looking for a 8-10 pound, shaggy haired dog with floppy ears. When Lily's foster mom told me she came from a puppy mill I could feel my heart scrinch up with sadness. I thought she was so funny looking that if I didn't adopt her, maybe nobody would. She was funny looking only because she didn't fit what I was looking for (and because I'm basically an idiot :lol: ).

I did not "see" the beauty that is Lily in particular and chi's in general until I'd had her for about 10 days. I was lying on my side and she climbed onto my hip, curled up and went to sleep. That's when I knew she was the most beautiful thing on the face of the earth.
I wanted a small dog but a lot of small dogs have long hair and i really didnt want a long haired dog. So i did some research and i found chi's! I did research for about a year and then found my dream baby! and then only a month after i got another one! I know i made the right decision especially because everyone i talk to who has chis says they are the greatest dogs they have ever had!
I first got a chi because my parents had heard that they could help a person with breathing problems. I was 6 years old, and fell in love with my baby girl. She lived to a ripe old age of 12. I've had chis pretty much ever since then. I just love their little personalities and their eyes are soooo expressive. Well that's why I love chis, and chose them as my pets for now.
I got asked the exact same question on Saturday!

I'll be honest, I grew up with cats and never liked dogs. Especially small ones since I was bitten by a Yorkshire Terrier for no reason.

About a year ago I saw two Chihuahua's in the street waiting on a bus, and I totally fell in love! I knew of the breed but never actually considered getting one in the future. So I started researching and discovered that the Chihuahua has so many qualities that would fit my lifestyle and the kind of dog I would want.

I really love that they love their owner and stick to you like glue, I love that they are small and compact and like to travel, I love their little faces!
I decided on a smooth coat because growing up,that's the only type of Chihuahua I ever saw in magazines or in movies.
I wasn't aware that there was a long coat version.

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Hmmmmm well.....Last summer I started PROPERLY looking for a dog but I still hadn't made a decision which breed to have. I trawled through dog books reading info on each on......then my mum said I could only have a small dog so it narrowed my search down and then it was a toss up between a shih-zu and a the end a chihuahua came out tops! so here i am today with 5 lil ones!
i was looking for a small dog, i couldn't do another big dog, cause with age my mom's 5 have become increasingly dog aggressive and it got very hard to get them all to another part of the house just so i could take my dog outside to play and go (you all know i rent the attic apartment from my mom) the 5 are shih tzu lhasa mixes, and i am not particulary fond of those breeds... so i was thinking about a pomeranian, pekinese, papillon, maltese or long hair chi. i had certain specifics as to what i was looking for with each breed and when i contacted the breeder she sent me chiwi's picture and said she was available well my daughter walked into the room and seen her pic and said hey that's tasha bird as a puppy!!! (tasha bird was our german shorthair pointer that we ahd to have euthanized in december, this was january)i didn't expect to get another dog so quickly. i thought i would just ask around see how much, learn more about the breed ect ect but soon as kylie said that comment i said i want her!
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i decided on having chihuahuas because i had an aunt with a chi (rosie )
that chi loved me to bits :D
always going through the roof when i paid them a visit ......
that's a couple of years ago ...both died ....but my wish to own a chi one day stayed !!

kisses nat
I wanted a chi since I first saw them at crufts when I was 9 in the discover dogs section and fell in love and really wanted one, I had a cavalier king charles spaniel at the time. Anyway always wanted one and said when I get my own dog I'll have one. Sadly didnt expect the moment I was finally able to have one to be when every celebrity decided to make them trendy grrrrr so after waiting on lists for a year I finally got Nemo, I guess thats why it was so hard losing Nemo cos I had waited so long to have him, anyway now wouldnt have any other kind of dog and now I have little Stitch in 4 weeks to keep me company yay!!
One of my very best friends had a chi & a chinesse crested I loved them both , after my operation last year he went to get himself a boy chi , and came back with 2 lol , he called me and said do you want one or i'll keep both .. He knew I needed something to make me feel better and kinda 'pick me up' and fizzy did ( and still does ) that every day :D :D
here are the reasons 5 reasons I chose a Chihuahua:
1. They are really small, and who doesn' think small is cute!
2. I loved the short hair!
3. They can go anywhere!
4. They obviously are going to eat less than a big dog! which equals cheapers!!
5. Hellooo their poops are the size of a fat worm and they pee the size of a quarter! haha who couldn't love the easy cleanup factor!!
My wife decided for me (you know how that goes guys) that we should get a chihuahua. She's mexican, and she liked the Taco Bell commercials, so we got one. 3 years later, now we have 3. Looking at it now, I would stick with chi's or maybe even a miniature dachshund. The wonderful thing about them is that they are just like 2 year old children that just never grow up. The sad thing is that when most people's kids turn 18, they're leaving the house to go on with their lives. Ours will be leaving us for other reasons. I know when ours go (and I hope it's a long time from now) that I want to look into chihuahua rescues to find another one.

It is great that they are small, because it's so easy to travel with them (although they drive me crazy about every two hours because they want to get out and, but that's chihuahuas for you.). The only bad thing is that we limit our trips to places we can drive to (hawaii is out of the question for now, unless they build a bridge....), because we can't stand the thought of boarding them someplace while we go on vacation. I guess our dogs have us properly trained!
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Rachael Polachek said:
I did not "see" the beauty that is Lily in particular and chi's in general until I'd had her for about 10 days. I was lying on my side and she climbed onto my hip, curled up and went to sleep. That's when I knew she was the most beautiful thing on the face of the earth.
I have tears in my eyes...

I would love to meet Lily, and of course YOU one day :D

WHat made me get a chi?

I LOVE poodles...I wanted another Toy Poodle since my Joey is my mom's dog (he's still my sugar bear :D ) My husband said no poodles cuz he wanted something big...


I saw Tinkerbelle and thought I want one of those...and a girl in my class had a white little applehead girl named Martini...she was a doll...I knew I HAD TO GET A CHI!!! so after searching for 3 months I found Gizmo...he picked my husband...LOL...and the rest is history :D
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The reason I chose a chihuahua... well, I had been wanting a dog for a long time... We lived in a rented house that didn't allow dogs.. so we couldn't have one...

but then we moved to Southern Oregon and into our travel traielr and we could have any pet we wanted...

I fell in love with the Jack Russel terrior that is across the street from Marks' old job and I started wanting one of those... then I did some research and found out they need lots of room to run...

and then we moved to this Park we are in now and wE met Gadget's mom and dads owners and I fell in love with Gizmo(Gadget's dad) and then I learned that they were going to have babies... I was totally hooked.... It just happened to be Christmas time...

So Mark bought Gadget's for my Christmas present and he has made our lives full of smiles and laughs and lots of love....

NOw I really don't think I will ever have another kind of dog unless we decide to move to a place that has lots of land then I will have a Jack Russell... and Mark will of course want a Lab.... but that is most likely not going to happen because I love living here....

someday we might get a little girl..... I am happy with spoiling Gadget at the moment...
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What made me choose a chi - well, I had chis off and on most of my life. I've also had at different periods, a Pom, a Yorkie, a Poodle and a mini Schnauzer. I loved all my dogs, but I just never had that special connection with other breeds that I have always had with my chis. Personality wise, they are the best. But the quality I love best about chis is their complete and utter devotion to their owners. Oops, let me correct that - we don't own them. They just let us share their life. :lol:

Chis are loyal, loveable, devoted, intelligent, great personaliy and cute - what more could you ask for? :D
the reason why i picked a chihuahua because

1.i've always had small dogs
2.when i looked in the newspaper and saw his picuter i fell in love with him
3.i love small dogs
4. just because :D
i wasn't really looking for a dog when i decided i wanted a chi. my friend has two chis and one was pregnant. then i was with my boyfriend at his uncle's house, and his uncle has a chi. that little girl followed my boyfriend's uncle everywhere. he would go outside and she would sit at wich ever door he exited through and whine softly until he came back, at wich time she would imediately start dancing around his legs :D . after that i begged my parents for a puppy. they said no. well after that i started researching like crazy. sometimes i would be curled in a chair reading a book, and a sudden longing to have a furry little body asleep in my lap would overwhelm me. so i continued to work on my parents until they said yes :D !!!!!!!!!!!!
well we just found out my 2 year old half brother is allergic to cats, and i have 2, i would bring them to my moms house but she is allergic as well so sadly I have to give my 2 cats away, my dad and stepmom felt horrible, so they told me i could get a small dog, i went to a privatley owned seller, she had all small dogs for the most part, she knew all the breeders personally as well it wasn't a pet shop because it was out of her house and the breeders were her friends, but anyway we went and we were thinking of a boston terrier because i used to have one, she was telling us what else she had, sh ehad cockerspaniels, cockapoos, yorkies, english bulldogs, boxers and chihuahuas, i asked if i could see i chihuahua just for the heck of it.. as soon as i saw him i was in love, and thats why i got my baby boy..
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My mom brought Radar home just out of the blue one day in 1966. OMG how we loved that little dog. We lived in the country on a road where maybe only 2 cars drove down it on any given day. When Radar was only one yr of those two cars hit and killed him. We found him in the road...noone ever owned up to being the culprit. We cried for a solid week and it was my first heartbreaking moment in time. But Radar had set the stage for me because i knew that i would never in my life desire another breed of dog. The day after Radar was killed, momma brought home "Fancy." Over the years there have been many,,Juner, chinena, nahnu, cheeto, twinkie, football, jaba, tinker, trinket, cheechee, tandy, manley, spike, sassy, rusty, sassy and more. Of course there was also Kelsey, who was extra special and Tiffany, who's death i will never get over. Today i have allie, kimmie, kaydee, andy, emmie, hollie and Jolie. And temporarily, Boomer. A person who has never had a chihuahua could never understand the brilliance of this breed. They are like no other! And no other could ever measure up! :D
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Jamoka said:
the reason why i picked a chihuahua because

1.i've always had small dogs
2.when i looked in the newspaper and saw his picuter i fell in love with him
3.i love small dogs
4. just because :D
#4 is about the best reason I can think of. :lol:
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