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Why does my Chi eat his own poop??????!!!!! PLS HELP!!!

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Hi, my Chi will be 6 months at the end of this month. Lately he's been having this really bad habbit of eating a part of his own poo :pukeright: . I don't get why he does that, and I'm getting kinda worried :dontknow: .
Does anyone have an explanation for this??

Pls help,I don't know what to do. I don't want him getting sick. :help:

Thnx allot,

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I have no idea why they do that.. But no worries. I have a Shiba Inu and when she was a pup, she would eat her poo all the time! :lol: She never got sick though. And it did gross me out! :sad3: You can try goin to Petsmart or something and get this spray called Bitter Apple and spray it on the poo once it comes out. But I know you can't catch him when he goes all the time. Or when you do, just pick up the poo and discard it right away. :wave:
Alot of dogs suffer this with them , some people think its secondary to the quality food they are fed now as dogs digestive system is different to ours so apparently thewir food just comes out and smells like a second meal to some dogs, other people think it is due to the way they were trained if they felt guilty for pooping, especially the old wifes tale of rubbinjg their noses in it is a major contributing factor to this problem, as they eat the poop to hide it you see, the only thing you can do is go to the vets and they can give you something to put on the food that will make the poop less appealing . also the only other option is just to clear it up as soon as its done :wave:
carprophagia. that's the technical term for it. they make stuff that you put on the dog's food and once they poo and try to eat it they won't do it again... it's called for-bid. but it doesn't work with all dogs. the only real way is to clean it up as soon as they do it. make sure there are no intestinal parasites, since eating stool just reinfests the dog.
Bindi did it and she outgrew it! THANK GOODNESS so dont fret it may stop :D
My toy poodle did that, we trained him on wee wee pads, and the vet said, he eats it cuz it's there...sooo as soon as he pooped we cleaned it up, and he stopped doing it...

Gizmo doesn't do that because we have trained him outside pads at all...but I don't work so I have the time....

Puppies are puppies, Gizmo tries to eat everything in sight, from dirt, to tree branches, anything name it... :D
jacob done that for ages til he was bout 6 1/2 months then he grew out some1 told me its ok coz there poo has loadsa good stuff in yuk! some1 also told me pineapple was good for stopping this but i really am not sure how true that is i never tried it he just grew out of it
Sturgis was a pooper scooper When I had goten him. I am home also and watch my kids like a hawk Every time he did it i said NO! and shook a can with pennies. He has since stopped doing it
Thnx you for the advise you guys. I hope he grows out of it soon.
I think he does it because he doesn't wanto get yelled at.Because a few month ago I caught him and I was going to yell at him and he took it and hid it in his bed,hahahaha.And he's been eating it since then. So,I'll just start taking him out more.

Tnx again,

Its normal...sometimes they outgrow it, sometimes not.
My mom's dog still does and he is 2yrs old. He especially likes the poop either fresh :shock: or frozen (in winter). YUCK!
I agree it is totally gross, but a lot of dogs do it. Jasmine didn't so much actually eat it as play with it. She would toss and sling it around just like one of her toys. Yuck!!

I just watched her closely and picked it up as soon as she pooped. Thankfully, she has outgrown this phase.
There is a product that can be purchased from your vet called 'Forbid'.. I had bloodhounds at one point and one of my dogs seem to be having some problems... one vet also suggested that we might increase exercise... good luck to you
someone told me they do it because the food doesnt completely digest. Sturgis use to eat his own poop he stopped he tries to eat Ladies. I mean he was the best pooper scooper i had neer broke or had gotten weatherd lol but he licks my face with that tongue! I was told to sprinkle that meant tenderizer in with the food msg or something I didnt do it. i just as i said watch like a hawk an when i see him going to get ladies. I mean he gets right up to her Butt! its like hes got it before it comes out. now thats gross. i have my can of pennies and say no leave her alone then he walks away and keeps looking back like the top of his icecream cone fell off
mine took one in bed one time :shock: :shock: that was really gross !! i think it was a present for me :D

kisses nat
with the food:

they are making foods so much nutrient based and so packed with vitamins and good stuff that by the time it "comes out" it's still high in nutrients and such that when it does come out they just see it as a meal.

my pointer used to eat hers, but the behaviorist, the vet and i decided it was because she wasn't fed and watered on a regular basis so it was eaten for food :( reason we came to that conclusion was by her behavior with her food, i would put it down for her and she would act like she was savoring it, never woofed it down and looked for more, she would like it, take small bites look around while chewing ect. and also with water she drank it obsessivley. she didn't come from a good home :evil:
I have to watch Auggie like a hawk when we are outside because he has a real thing for cat poop which is the worst thing I can think of. I would prefer he only had an interest in his own as discusting as that is. At least I would feel it wasn't as unsafe :shock:
Angel5218 said:
Its normal...sometimes they outgrow it, sometimes not.
My mom's dog still does and he is 2yrs old. He especially likes the poop either fresh :shock: or frozen (in winter). YUCK!
Well gosh, I thought everyone knew this.. Those are called Poopsicles. :D
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