If you have an aggressive Chihuahua you’re not alone. Although cute and pocket-sized, Chihuahuas can pack a bite. So what could be causing your Chihuahua’s aggressive behavior?
Here are some possible reasons for your Chihuahua’s aggression:
  • Poor Training: Chihuahuas are small dogs – so small that aggressive behavior is often perceived as funny or cute by owners. Some owners just don’t train the bite, growl and snarl out of their small dogs.

    For example, if you have a large dog that jumps on strangers with excitement or bites playfully or growls when you go near his bone, you immediately work to train this behavior out of your dog. It is totally unacceptable and dangerous because this big dog is capable of causing damage and injury. But when a little Chihuahua does the same thing, some owners find it funny or cute because they do not perceive their Chihuahua as threatening.

    Essentially, some owners unintentionally allow their dogs to behave dominantly and use aggression to get what they want, and to express it freely. Small dogs aren’t naturally more aggressive and yappy – owners make them this way by not training them appropriately.

  • Napoleon Complex: Your little Chihuahua may suffer from an inferiority complex. He may be trying to establish himself as the leader, the dominant one. It is important that he knows who the boss is. The dominant one is supposed to be YOU, the dog owner. You’re the boss and you should never let your dog boss you around. From puppy-hood, your Chihuahua needs to accept when you take his toy or bone away. He needs to be invited to sit on the sofa with you and wait for you to place his food on his plate before he eats it.

    If you’re trying to train the aggression out of an adult Chihuahua, then reward him for good behavior… when he doesn’t growl after you take his toy away, give him a treat. If he hops on the sofa uninvited, place him on the ground. Only let him up when you invite him… and give him a treat if he abides.

    To teach your dog obedience, start with the basic commands: sit, stay, down, heel. Then you can use these commands to help manage his behavior.

  • Anti-social: As with any dog, it’s important to socialize your Chihuahua. Nobody likes a yappy pup that barks at every animal and dog that walks by. Start socializing you dog as a puppy. Go to the dog park, send him to doggie daycare, and introduce him to friends, family and children. Let him interact with other pups on walks. Always have treats on you so that you can reward your Chihuahua for every positive interaction.

  • Anxiety: Your Chihuahua might be experiencing pain or distress that you may not know about. Try to figure out what is causing your Chihuahua to act aggressively. What is he reacting to? What bothers him? If you think that something might be wrong, take your Chihuahua to the vet.