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Will you accept me? :)

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Hi everybody! I just found this link, registered and was wandering if I am a suitable member to it...
We recently got a puppy - a chi/poodle mix...
So I hope "Chihuahua people" would not mind a really cute mix-breed Pupa (that's the name of my puppy) :) She is now 11,5 weeks old
She lookes a long like chi, just has a bit freaked out hair :)
We got her from our neighbour who has a lot of dogs- chihuahuas, poodles, teriers
I still have a lot of question about behaviour, feeding, training etc...
Here are some cute pics of her
that's her recently on the pic with the ball and the second one - we just got her :)
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Hello and welcome! Pupa is adorable!
Thanks, NoahFL!
I think that she is cute-the fur coat does it..and the best part is she is Part chi.
what a cutie...welcome to the forums :wave:
You bet we will accept you -- especially with a cutie like Pupa! I'm glad you found us; welcome to the forum. :wave: Those pictures you posted are so adorable! How did you come up with the name Pupa? It is a cute name and fits your little puppy really well!
Thank you for such a nice welcome! :wave:

about then name "Pupa" - here in Malta it very common - it's almost like "baby" - so, we so her and said "What a pupa!" :lol:
Hi and Welcome :wave:
Pupa is a little cutie!
Welcome Dolgad and Pupa. Hope we can help you with any questions that you may have. Believe me we've all been through it and seen it. :D Glad you found us.
Hello and Welcome! Pupa is really adorable!! :wave:
Hello & Welcome Your baby is sooo cute. You will definitely be welcome here as people are not snooty and just love chi's and any variation there of. It seems animals of any kind! :wave:
Hi there

Welcome - I'm kinda new here myself, and everyone has been great.

Your baby Pupa is so cute. I love her. :love2:
In fact can I have her?!

mariam x
:love1: She's absoultely adorable..WELCOME!! :wave:
:wave: WELCOME glad to have you with us :wave:
Of course you are most welcome! As a Newbie myself, I can assure you that everyone here is very nice, your concerns are their concerns and they go way out to help you in any matter that you bring to them. I hope you enjoy your visits here. Let us know what you need. Okay?
BTW, your puppy is absolutely adorable!
too right you can join..............with a cutie like that how could we say no.........pupa is the cutest chi ive ever seen she looks just like a long haired chi - she is going to be beautiful when she is older

glad you found us it is nice to have a memeber from malta I think you are the first from that corner of the world :wave:
Welcome and Pupa is a cutie! The 1st pic reminds me of a baby yorkie. Hope you enjoy the forum. :wave:
:wave: hi and welcome to the forum :wave:
Pupa is sooo cute :D
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