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*fingers crossed*
I applied to adopt a Chi yesterday.. and I hope so so much to get him.. but of course I worry so much that it won't happen!

My parents saw Been's "friends" on dogster and loved them all! (they're all from here :)) And then I showed them the photo of the Chi we were wanting to adopt and they said just apply and tell my hubby later.. *ha*

So I FINALLY told him when I was home from work yesterday and all he had to say was "Well we need to make this place pristine!" (cuz they do an inspection) and that was all! :shock:

here's the blurb about him- he just sounds 100% PERFECT for us and for Been! :love4:

Meet Kami! He's cute as can be with his black and tan markings. Kami is only 1 year young and weighs about 13 pounds. He loves to please and knows a few commands. Kami is housetrained and crate trained!!! Due to his size, no small children, please. His personality is wonderful -- he is as sweet as he looks! Kami is fully vetted and neutered. If you'd like to come home to this cute little face every day, please apply online for Kami. He is sure to put a smile on your face!
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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