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Gadget's dad is smaller than Gadget's is the linkto see Gadget's mom and dad.

As far as ears go... the ear has cartlidge instead of bone and yes it will have an effect when the pups are teething. Usually the ears stand up on their own. Some pups have floppier ears than othere... Gadget's dad has an ear that will sometimes flop and other times it is erect.

It is funny because Gadget has erect ears most of the time but he can make them flop(we call them broken ears.) I myself think that the ears are part of his personality... it is like a mood thing... and when he is listening to something really intently he will stand his ears straight up and turn his little head to an angle.. it is really cute...

1 time I was sitting here and he had broken ears and I started talking ot him and asked him if he was going to fix his broken ears and a few minutes later they were standing straight up.. it is cute.. now when I ask him if he is going to fix his ears he will make them stand erect.. I think it is the tone of my voice... because I have to kinda go into a silly voice for him to do it...

If your pups dad's ears are not standing erect that doesn't meant that your pups isn't going to stand erect.

hope this helped...

Nate where are you? You know more about this than I do....
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