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Wonka being adorable

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Here area few pictures of Wonka being sweet (as opposed to her daily ritual of barking, growling, and ankle-biting :lol: ). The giant teddy bear was a v-day gift from my boyfriend, but Wonka uses it's lap as a puppy bed (even though I spent a good bit on a fleece puppy bed c_c)

She forgot to put her tongue back in :3

She wasn't suppose to be lying on that blanket, but oh well..

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What a cute dog! That pic with the bear is adorable.
She is so cute! I love the one with the bear. She is a chocolate sweetie!

Awww, she's so cute!
I have a bear like that, only mine is dark brown and has a Christmas hat and scarf on. My son gave it to me for Christmas last year.
Very cute pictures of Wonka. I like the one on her back(#2). She looks like a sweetie. Mine is like that too... Either super sweet or a terror :lol:
Aww I love the one with Wonka and her huge bear! It's adorable! Ritz does that with this big tiger that I have. :wink:
I can't believe that giant bear doesn't scare her. :lol: What a cutie pie she is. How could anyone ever be mad at that sweet face?
She's adorable I love the 1st pic with her tongue out :lol: :lol: :lol:
omg thats just too much...i want a big bear like that to sleep on!

btw...your bugs life covers are very cute =)
She's so cute with her little tongue out and the pics of her with Teddy are so sweet. :lol:
I love those pics with the teddy! They are so cute! Wonka is such a pretty girl :)
hehe with a face like that she can sleep on anything she wants :)
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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