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Hello, and Woof! from Scotland! :hello1:
My name is Aurora and I have two Chihuahuas.
They are called Cosmo and Penny, and they are very special to me.
Cosmo is a handsome white shorthair, with very cute dark brown (almost black) eyes. He would be perfect for a show-dog, but lacks the behaviour skills. Cosmo is a cheeky boy, but I love him the way he is and could not have asked for a better boy!
His parents were both show-dogs, and Cosmo has the perfect look to be one, too. Apple-head, high tail that is always up and wagging, and he is in great shape. Talk about bragging! :p
Cosmo is small, like his parents, but has the heart of a lion (said by other dog-owners) and a great character.
I have had Cosmo since he was about six weeks old, and he is now SIX years old. He came from the same breeder as my lovely girl, Penny.
Oh, and he has never had puppies- and I don't think he intends to! :p
Penny, I have had for just over three years. Penny is eight years old. She has had many puppies, and was the breeder's star girl. Once, Penny had a litter of ten! I think that was her last, and then she was sold to us. Penny has a great life here, and is loving it! In fact, I think Penny once had a litter with Cosmo's father!
Penny is golden-fawn, and looks very like a fox! :) She has big, warm, medium/dark brown eyes (although her and Cosmo's eyes turn red or green in photos).
She is full of energy, and does not ever bite or even growl at humans. She is very friendly.
I could go on talking about my babies forever, but I should leave it at that for now! :)
I look forward to hearing about all your babies, too, and exploring the forum!
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