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Woofstock 2005 Photos! (long post)

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:D We had a blast, this event is HUGE!!! and the wheather was great..maybe a little too great.. :shock: it was 30c out and sunny..I wore a long sleeve..BAD IDEA!! :wink: now I have an sunburn only in my hands :roll: :D the boys had a blast, but it was scorching hot so at the end Stinky turned into groucho, he would bare teeth to whoever tried to touch his head.. :? he needs a serious talk..but I know the whole thing was really tiring for everybody :wink: ...OK, here are the photos...

:? This got mixed reviews..I could openly hear people "whispering" ..a dog is not a fashion accessory!!! :D Yay, for smart people!

Fraiser!! we found your brother!! :D

You wouldn't believe the variety of dogs there was...I found one almost as tall as me..5'1"..but forgot to take a pic :roll:

:D This little hats were a hit.. :? tho I'm not sure why..I think I heard them say they were $10 dollars..hopefully it was a charity thing.. :wink:

:wink: Some of our meetup members..we met there and it was fun! All of us went from booth to booth :D

:D Stinky pic.. :shock: We got stud proposals for Smelly...not from meetup people..apparently his color is beautiful..and he looks like the taco bell dog.. :roll: :evil:

:D Stinky's Batman suit..$10! :wink: Sorry, bad pic..he's still a bit grouchy and I woke him up :oops: :D

Our loot!..all of this was free (and more not shown)...because neither my bf & I nor Stinky & Smelly look "related" they gave us double the amount..they thought we were two different :D :shock: Royal Canin was selling food at $10 a bag :wink: needles to say we got two :D

I recommend this event to was really fun! So, if any of you guys are around town in June next year..drop by! :D
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am i a bad person if i said i loved the pink poodle :roll:

sounds like great fun !! i wish they had something like that around here :cry:

kisses nat

ps the dying with color happens with food color am i right??
:D lol, you're not a bad person Nat...I think is kinda cute..I was just happy that people regardless of the situation realize that dogs are not accesories..I think I heard them say it was a special dog dye..but not sure...
Hehe...I liked the free loot. Looks like you had lots of fun. I too wish something like that was down here. Maybe Nate or Kristin know of some?
Does look like fun, I have never heard of it, of course I could never take Kemo he would be busy biting all day :roll:

I dont like the poodle pink, that kinda irks me but hey.....

thats great you got all that free stuff and the Canine was cheap!
:shock: Oh yeah, I know those harnesses that Mia's mom makes so nice..well, there was a booth at Woofstock with them and the person was selling them at $50!!! :shock: Everybody went to look at them..but once they new the price they were shocked and said..OK, bye!..some people.. :? They weren't even half the quality of the ones some members here make.. :?
Looks like great fun..I wish it wasn't in our busy time....but I guess no one would want to meet in the late fall LOL

There is a fabric store up here that has a toy poodle that is dyed blue ! Their road side business sign has him on it, in all his blue splendor.........I often think about the conversations taking place in cars that the sign must insite.... as I'm sure no one actually thinks there is a " blue dog " !
wow looks like a fun day! i wish there was something like that by me!

i like the pink poodle, my mom didn't. my pit had a white nike check going from his nose up his forehead, the rest of him was black. well i would dye parts of my hair in all different colors and he would sit there and be all nosey and paw at my hand while i was doing it so one day i said here and i put some on his white stripe and he sat there waiting with me while the dye set. i cleaned it off of him and he strutted around like he was somethin else lol. (the dye was safe i got it in my eye a few times and nothig happened)
Great pics Vala - thanks for sharing , are any of the meetup members from here too ? it looked liked so much fun :D
I wish they had somthing like that here.. :?

I took baby and sasha to M,M,M Which is Moutian Memories Festival There were other dogs there and on friday they have a doggy show. Baby got secound place sasha didnt even place cause she wouldnt sit still..LOL The dog that won was a St. benard named rodeo. :wave:
Thanks, Vala, for such a nice compliment!!!

Glad you had such a good time. I really wish we had something like that here!
That looks like so much fun!! So do Stinky and Smelly get along well with all other dogs? If I took Cooper he'd be trying to rip all the big dogs to pieces. :roll: (We did socalize him tons too!) :wink: looks like so much fun...I am just so sorry I didn't find out about Woofstock before...I'd have taken my girls....I looked at their website and it says they have another one in Vancouver...but that's really far...I mean...I'd have to cross the whole country to get there...I guess...I'll just have to wait for next year...or maybe if they decide to have it in Montreal...
It's great u got to take all those pix....Stinky and Smelly look great :)

The pink poddle....I'm not sure if I like it...I remember a couple of years ago...when I was living in Winnipeg...a guy had a huge pink poddle that was in the pride parade, the guy was all dressed in pink and had dyed his hair too...He made the first page of the Winnipeg free press next day.
WOW looks like you guys had a blast!! I too wish there was something like that here. I like the butt shot of the woman in the white pants. It kinda says "HELLO" :lol: :lol: I love the pink poodle. It doesnt hurt them at all the dye fades just like hair dye. :)
Looks like you had fun! OMG I love that golden in the hat and sunglasses. That is seriously so cute!! Looks like the pet expo we had here in CA. I can't wait for the next one! :D Stinky's Batman costume!
Ozzy&Lily'sMom said:
Great pics Vala - thanks for sharing , are any of the meetup members from here too ? it looked liked so much fun :D
In here, I think I'm the only member from Toronto (which is were the event was) my other fellow Canadians are from all over, me thinks :wink:
Mia's Mom said:
Thanks, Vala, for such a nice compliment!!!
You're was so true tho..the fabrics were crappy, very dated and just way too expensive..if they were selling them at $50 you should be selling them for $300, LOL! :D Too bad I don't have a girl. :wink:
CooperChi said:
So do Stinky and Smelly get along well with all other dogs?
:wink: Stinky gets grumpy after a while and tends to snap when people touch him too much (like one person after the other), Smelly LOVES people and other dogs at anytime :wink:
Armando... said:
I'll just have to wait for next year...or maybe if they decide to have it in Montreal...
:D Definetely worth waiting..I think this was their second year so as they grow they will probably add one in Montreal..fingers crossed.. :D
KJsChihuahuas said:
I like the butt shot of the woman in the white pants. It kinda says "HELLO" :lol: :lol:
LOL! i HADN'T NOTICED!!! I guess I was focused on finding out if I had dogs in the :D
:D Thanks for the comments everybody.
Looks like you all had a fun day! I think the pink poodle is cute. :D I have a friend who is a groomer who has a poodle mix that she dyes his fur like the American Flag every July 4th. :usa2: He is always a hit where ever she takes him. His name is Teddy and he LOVES the attention.

I love Stinky's batman costume too. He is soooo handsome! :love7:
I'm so jealous looks like you had an absolutel Blast!!! What a great variety of dogs! Love the Frasier look a like! :shock:

KJ.... :lol: I agree!

Wow, that looks like a sensational time! I sure wish they had something like that around here. Love Stinky's Batman outfit. :lol:

I don't care for the pink poodle. Just doesn't sit right with me, for some reason.
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