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Mom picked this up for my dogs a couple years ago; it only fits Zoey and she's already got one and doesn't need a spare lol.

It says XXS, fitting a dog 6-8inches (neck to base of tail, according to the back.) It's SimplyDog brand if that helps with sizing at all. And apparently the skull glows in the dark LOL.

It's new/never worn, was $7 originally. Will sell (shipping included) to anywhere in the US for $8.00.

I do not know what it would cost to ship to the UK or anywhere else; but if someone is seriously interested I could look up a shipping cost (anyone know if there's a place online to do that?? lol)

PayPal preferred; but checks are fine they just take longer to clear and I'd assume if anyone wants this they'd wanna make sure it arrived before Halloween hehe.

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