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YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Baby Blue got his cast off today his fracture is completely healed but his leg is so sore if he trys to walk on it he scream in pain the vet said he will be in pain for awile . At least with the cast he was able to walk and play.Is this normal!!!!! I am still glad he is on the mend though.
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That is terrific I hope his pain eases up soon too :D
I hope he feels better too, it will take a little time :D good news
great news !! i hope the pain goes away quickly :wave:

kisses nat
Awwww thats fabulous news :D
Congrats and continued recovery to Baby Blue!! That's great news - I'm sure he'll be feeling much better once he gets the leg all stretched out and is used to using it normally again. :)
I'm glad to hear his leg is all healed but sorry he's still in pain. I'll bet that will pass quickly once he starts using it again. Poor little guy, to have to go through so much. :(
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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