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Yodas new Dallas Jersey for our Trip to Texas!!!!

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Awesome i say...great outfit....where did you get it from?Yoda looks a bit like my Chico ..well in the face anyways :D :wave:
I got it from
Poor Yoda... yet another puppy forced into Cowboys fandom. He looks cute but he'd look way cuter in a Green Bay Packers jersey!!!

When are you coming to Texas?
On the 1st of Sept. Hey it will do , it was the only Texas thing i could find to fit him.
awww that is cute :lol:
That color looks great on him! But Cooper's mom is right... no self respecting chi would ever be a Dallas Cowboys fan. :D
that's so adorable , yoda looks good in everything :wink:

kisses nat
That is so cute! I wonder if they have 49ers for my boys? :D
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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