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Yoshi and Dexter

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Yoshi and Dexter asleep on my lap while I am spending mone on Ebay :lol:

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you look like me and Gadget sitting at the computer... all nice and cozy...
awww Bless - your yorkie is tiny aswell - bless :lol:
aww deano is doing the exact same thing right this minute!!! he loves school hols he gets to see more of me everyday!!! i luv it!
That is so cute! That's how Zeus sleeps on me when I have my legs up on my desk. Newborn baby on one shoulder and Zeus in my lap. Sometimes my 3 year old will sit on me too. It doesn't get much better then that. :)
Awh! that is soo cute, except for it to look like my house, you will 3 more chis in your lab along with the laptop. He he he
How sweet! Dexter is really small! I have a Dell too. :wink:
Ah so cute Auggie is laying on my lap right now too. He comes ands stands on my leg till I pick him up. Maybe your babies think you are shopping for them on ebay :lol: :lol:
I used to have a yorkie....they are both so small :)
it's a good thing those danes are not on your lap :wink: :D

they look adorable !!

nice nails btw :wink:

kisses nat
yoshi and dexter

Believe it or not the danes do still try to get in the lap :lol:
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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