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You know you're too concerns for your chihuahua when....

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My chihuahua has a really loud tummy today, so Im a bit concerned about that! Well earlier I was walking to take him upstairs to his food, to see if that would help. As I passed our dehumidifier I stubbed my toe. I kept walking and tried to get the puppy to eat finally. After that I was on the carpet playing with him. Then I stood up and sat down on a chair. I looked at the carpet and saw tiny blood stains. I was thinking "OH MY GOD WHAT HAPPENED TO MY CHI! is he bleeding from the bum or something? that would make sense because of his gut noises!" Then I noticed that my baby toe hurt a little bit, so I looked down at it and it turns out that a teeny chunk was taken off when I stubbed it! The moral is take care of your chi's but make sure you take care of yourself too!!! :lol:
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ouch , i hope your toe gets better soon! yeah its like that wth a chi you tend to be so into them you forget what your doing yourself :wave:
Lol bless you , you sound like a great chi mommy :D hope you toe doesnt hurt too much :wave:
Well glad your baby is OK Sorry about yourr toe :lol:
The important question is ... how is the baby's tummy? :lol:

Sorry about your toe - I do that ALL the time; it's like I'm addicted to kicking my toes into inanimate objects. Glad you didn't get hurt worse... and glad it wasn't your puppy!!
That sounds painful...
What were the tummy noises about?

We stayed in a hotel at the weekend and Jack was in bed with me and my sister and was keeping us awake because hos tummy was making funny noises and then he started snoring... I kept having to check to make sure he was ok 'cause at first i couldn't work out what the noises were!!
I think he really was hungry. He just was so into wanting to play with me in the morning that he didn't eat when i offered it too him. I finally brought it closer to where i was, and he kept grabbing a piece and eating it near me. So Im thinking it was hunger pangs. The poor baby!
Jack does that to!
He only eats when people are in the room near him and if you move away he'll grab a mouthful of food and run after you!!
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