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I don't mean per dog, silly. ;) But if I did, Kahlua who cost $250 and weighs about 7lbs is nearly $36 per pound. =D Anyway... LOL....

What I was wondering is what on average you guys pay "per pound" for your dog's raw diet. Such as, what you try to stick to when it comes to red meat, poultry, or bone. I'm on a couple forums and was surprised to see that prices vary so much; seems like in certain areas of the world I wouldn't be able to afford to feed raw. I'm just curious!

Anyway for us, I live in Northern IL. Lately we've been paying nearly $2.50 per pound on average for beef which is getting higher and higher. For chicken, it's closer to $1.69 per pound. All of our organ meats, which we get at a nearby ethnic/import market is dirt cheap; usually less than $1 per pound... but since it's just 10% of the diet it doesn't save us much, lol. For bone, the price is usually the same as chicken because we get wings; BUT at the one store that sells chicken necks, we just pay $1 per pound and stock up there too since it's what they primarily eat.

During the summer, we have a farmer who sells us angus beef hearts for just $1.25 per pound and we stock up. There's a store in WI we're going to make a run to in a few days that has chicken breast, wings, and drummies for 99cents a pound on sale. Can't beat that lol. But still, seems when we CAN'T get a good deal, we end up paying so much. If we're having a really poor week; that's when we just get eggs or chicken hearts & gizzards lol... but rest assured that doesn't happen often; we try keeping the majority red meat.

Anyone have any ideas on "cuts" or things that help save money? Even the pork hearts we used to get dirt cheap went up to about $2 per pound now... lately I've become much more cost conscious. Valli Produce is our go-to store for the non-traditional things like hearts, kidneys, necks, etc. but I'm wondering if going directly to a butcher would save us since beef is what we need most.
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