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zoey hurt her leg

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zoey had the zoomies tonight and was running around like crazy-- we cannot stop her when she has these energy bursts. she was up on the couch and when i walked away, she jumped off to chase me (it isnt like she's never jumped off the couch before, either). when she landed she sort of brought her back leg up and was limping! :shock:

she didn't cry or yelp at all... and now shes acting pretty much normal. hopefully she doesn't start limping tomorrow or else we're gonna have to go to the vet! she may have just landed wrong but didnt damage anything. keep us in your thoughts! :sad1:
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I hope zoey is OK Maybe she just landed a little wrong. I like your description of zoomies. When Auggie does that it's hilarious and scary at the same time because he runs sooo fast :roll:
I worry about the same thing happening to Bosco. I hope Zoey is OK! Keep us posted.
oh these babies worry us so!!!
Hope Zoey is ok!
zoey is a booger. she is totally fine today!! hope we don't have many more of these scares though... my heart cant take it! :roll:
glad shes ok today :D
I am so glad Zoey is all right. Two chis w/ broken legs is all this forum can take. lol
I'm so glad your baby is okay.

On that note, to all Chi moms and dads ... we really need to be careful with Chi's on sofas and stuff ... Chi's don't have the strongest joints and are prone to problems with them, so it is actually recommended that you don't allow your chi to jump off of anything too high at the risk of them damaging something.

i know it isnt recommended. what should i do next time she gets the zoomies? she really is unstoppable. if i pick her up, she's likely to jump from my arms. :roll:
Glad to hear that Zoey is okay!!!! I know what you mean...once they get going they are like the Energizer Bunny....they keep going and going and going. Fortunately, my chi's do not jump off furniture....they are too scared. They will just sit there until you let them down. I am sure one day they might try to jump...well anyway....Chile and Tia are happy to hear that Zoey is fine.

By the way, my name is Zoi (that is the way I spell it).

Talk to you later. :wave:
oh wow, i really like the spelling of your name! we were going to spell her name "zoe" but i thought people might not add the "eeeee" sound at the end. if that makes sense..... :lol:

you're so lucky that your kids dont jump off the furniture! zoey is just fearless and really will jump from anywhere if we aren't careful! :shock:
I'm so glad zoey is ok. I'm lucky Auggie doesn't jump off the couch I think he could but hasn't figured out he can which suits me just fine! :D
Mr. Peepers had the zoomies when he broke his leg, so we do need to be careful. I used to love it when he went crazy but since he broke his leg I immediately stop him. But he still tries to jump off of stuff. He gets onto any place his little heart desires (not while I'm in the room ofcourse). I've even caught him on my kitchen table!
how do you stop mr. peepers when he has the zoomies? i feel so frustrated that i cannot get control of this 4lb dog!!!

the other day some of my friends came over and she had the zoomies and was jumping ALL over them. i was so upset that she was being so bad. after a while she finally calmed down, but i'm so scared that she will act that way around someone like my grandma who is 74!! yikes.......
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