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zoey is a chub.

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zoey is almost 5 months old.... we are currently in the process of switching her over to california natural puppy food from nutro max puppy. on the nutro bag it says that for her age, we should be feeding her 2/3c day and the california natural bag says 1/3c a day. i feel like that is NOTHING! we have been trying to cut back to 2/3c a day but when we put her food down she acts like she is starving! when she's finished the food, she licks the bowl and looks up at me like :shock: "that's all i get?"

is it possible that zoey needs more than the recommended amount? is it dangerous to feed her 3/4c a day? im afraid that she'll get fat but i feel like it would be hard to overfeed her since she eats only when she's hungry.
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If she is only 5 months old I wouldn't worry about her weight yet. Let her eat. She needs the nutrients for growth still.
Sandy went through a period where I thought she was getting fat but she had a growth spurt and is not fat any more.
If you are worried about her weight ask your vet. He/she will be the best judge for your pups bone structure.
I've noticed the same thing when switching Dior's food. So I feed it to her like treats, one piece of kibble at a time, and I make her work for it. This also helps her chew it, because sometimes when she has more than one piece in front of her she inhales it! She ends up getting the same amount in a couple minutes time, but it feels like shes getting more I think.
that is a really good suggestion!! i'll try that tomorrow morning! thanks! :)
I dont think Kemo eats hardly anything yet he keeps getting fatter!! I have cut back on him too, I dont get it
:lol: I resemble these remarks! I'm a bit chubby myself and have had skinny and chubby dogs both in my life. I let my chi eat as much as he wants but he's a big-sized mix and he isn't getting fat. The kitten we just got eats more than he does by 3 times!

This is strictly unscientific, but I think if the puppy isn't getting too terribly chubby it shouldn't be much of a problem. Some dogs are more active and might need more food. Also, in the human weight research field they are now learning that some people just have super fast metabolisms and they need a lot more food than someone like me who would grow moss on my North end if I didn't shower every day! :sad2:

Remember in high school the skinny girl that ate two burgers and a large shake while you glared at her and munched celery sticks? Could dogs be the same way? Has anyone seen any research on it?
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hehehe i'm the girl in highschool who ate two burgers and a large shake! :lol: except now it's catching up to me. i have gained almost 20lbs since freshman year of college! and i'm still not considered chubby....

maybe zoey is like me in highschool! she doesn't have a huge amount of activity during the day..... but maybe she just has fast metabolism! i really dont know... she isn't getting fat. she only weighs (around) 5lbs. & is almost 5 mos old. i think that's pretty normal.
Oh Colleen13, I thought you were 13 years old!! Your in college? Goodness, I must have missed that somewhere! I even thought to myself, "Could my kids be on a message board somewhere??" I even thought that you spoke quite well for a 13 year old!!! Too funny! :lol: By the way, I have been giving my puppy Nutro Max too and she loves it and her coat just shines and shines!! I am just using what the people were giving her. I have to tell you I was a little suprised at what they were giving her and their vet told them to give this, I give her 2 full Tablespoons of "Wellness" in the morning, this is a canned all natural food, you can only get it at the vet (at least that is what the lady told me) then I put a small handful of the Nutro Max in her bowl which she just nibbles at through the day and then in the evening around 5-ish I give her another 2 tablespoons of the canned "Wellness" and then I take her food away till the next morning. Don't mean to sound gross, but she has nice doo doo and it is easy to pick up is she makes a mistake in the house!! I think the canned Wellness helps her fill up in the morning, (even though I give her the small amount). I guess after awhile I will just stop the canned stuff and see how she does.
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hehe naaaa, i'm not 13-- it's just my lucky number! i really dont know if i've ever mentioned it though!

yeah, the nutro was giving zoey some bad gas :oops: and she was itching alot. we thought it might be allergies so we're switching over to california natural (made specifically to dogs who are allergic to ingredients in many foods) she is still getting used to this new food and has had some pretty rank poops. :roll:

hopefully she'll get adjusted well to the new food because she absolutely ADORES it!!
Colleen, I am officially psychically sending you ten pounds of my hips! Can you feel it coming your way, you ornery skinny girl?? :angel12: Haha.

My problem right now is that the cat eats the dog food and the dog eats the cat food.
noooooooooooooooooooooo! ive already gained enough weight in the past 3 years! no more!!!! :cussing:

aw geez, i wonder why your pets are eating the wrong foods! that is crazy.... maybe you can confine your dog to, say the kitchen, when he's eating so the cat can't get in?

and do the same for the cat? just a suggestion!
I put the cat food in the kitchen and the dog food in the dining area ..... and the cat sat at the barrier and cried! So the dog went to the barrier and tried to lick the cat through the grate to make her happy again.

Unfortunately, I have a very small house.......

Oh, well, hopefully, they'll outgrow it? I think it's the dog's fault. He has always liked cat food better. Sigh.

but I'm still sending you those ten pounds! hehe.
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