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Zola + Me, And more Zola

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I have so many pics, heres some more to share. Hope you all like them as much as I do

Me and my baby boy


blue eyed boy

Starting to look sleepy now

He love shis bed
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Zola is so handsome , he looks like a real ' mummys boy ' :D :wink:
Really cute pics i love the bed thats looks good enough for me to sleep in!! :sleepy1:

He is so precious and I love the bed too. :D
Zola is really cute and growing!! Those are great pictures! :)
awww zola is growing fast! looking great!
Awww Vicky you know, everytime I see Zola he just gets more and more handsome. He's such a sweetheart!

Can't wait to see him TOMORROW!!!
I think Lexi will love him. ;)
does your t-shirt say SETH COHEN :D :D ????? i love the OC second season just started here :wink:

great pic!!

kisses nat
yesss!!! I love the o.c to and I love seth cohen, that is whats on my tee. I download all the second reason online before it was shown here and now the last one was shown here last weekend. Im so upset I wont see a new one for sooooooooo long. Your gonna love that season. It is the awesomest!!!!!!!!!!!!!
great pics!! it's so cool to watch him grow into a young man lol.
Zola is a little cutie! I like the picture of the two of you together. You ought to frame it!
thank you Boogaloo. I actually dont mind that pic of myself so it is a possiblity it may be framed. I may frame it and give it to my mum and dad as a wee gift, they'd love that
Such a handsome little guy. That last pic of the two of you together is really great.
1 - 18 of 18 Posts
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